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  1. Maybe you could try adding a currency? Like a shop for downers, or something like that. In the shop it could have a certain amount of items in stock, and it could raise and lower the prices of items in accordance to stock. Not only could it be handy to be able to buy materials that you need, but it would also give a little bit of purpose to useless items, like rotten apples. Another suggestion could be that, if you were to implement this idea, that you could add a bank of sorts. You would be able to store your currency in an area, so that you could take it out the next game. You could also add a cap to the bank like a starter of 250 or something like that. Then you could try adding an item that allows the cap to expand by 50 or something like that. Still, a currency would be handy in the game!
  2. @Alianin I'm sorry to inform you, the adjustment did not fix my login. I have the same problem and all that was changed was the background color. I also forgot to mention I am on a Mac. If that changes anything, I'm sorry for forgetting to inform you of this on my last comment. Sorry again!
  3. @Alinin I have a bit of a problem. When I try and create a account for the wiki, It says I have to accept the Terms and Agreements. However, I don't happen to see a button to accept the terms and agreements. I just see the Username tab, a Password tab, a Verify password tab, and a 'Im not a robot' tab. When I fill in everything. It says I have to accept terms and agreements. Do you have a solution for this?
  4. This is amazing! THANK YOU!!! However, can you possibly give me a date that We Happy Few will be available on Early Access? And could you give me a price range?
  5. Will We Happy Few be for mac? I read the FAQ but didn't truly understand its answer. And if so, when?
  6. I would like to see something that allows your stamina to not deplete for a certain amount of time, like an Adrenaline Shot or something like that. The effect of this could be that you could travel long distances without having to regain your stamina or being able to fight a group of people at once. Either way, this item could be helpful. I also would like to see a hats or masks slot, or the ability to have a pet or companion. Hopefully one of these ideas help. Still, I wish you guys the best of luck with this fabulous project! I know this project will become a successful game and that you guys will reach the stretch goals no problem.
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