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  1. Ah, thank you, @ArtyDuck4650 I plan on writing about wastrels soon, i'm currently drumming up a plot as we speak
  2. @JDick Wow! Thank you, I really appreciate it! I might hold off making some more stories until I manage to get a bit more lore story, as I kinda want to keep it as accurate as possible, you know? Oh yes, also, CONGRATULATIONS on making some of those stretch goals! Iv'e been making posts on my tumblr to get people to go out and support the kickstarter for that last few. Hope you guys can get a few more! Ah heck, who am I kidding, I might just end up writing more anyways.
  3. If you don't mind me putting my own question here as well, as I kinda want to know, when will the game be most likely put up on Steam, and do you guys plan on doing early access even for those who didn't fund the kickstarter? Like, maybe at a later date? Or are you going to make it available immediately for anyone?
  4. From the video stuff iv'e seen, just wiping out the city really doesn't seem to be like, a viable option. Theres a lot of people, and i'm pretty sure that some spawn daily, so that there will always be more. Of course, i'm not a game developer, so thats just more my best guess. But, stealth combat def seems to be a viable way of going through. I saw someone sneak up on a Bobby and club him like three times in a row before he could turn around to fight back. Also, you can sneak around houses if people are asleep, and if you don't make noises, then you won't wake them up. As for how they'd respond, they respond to bodies, I think? I think they might just be too hopped up on Joy to really care how many people start dissapearing.
  5. The first, would be a rather handy item I think It'd be almost like a stinkbomb of sorts, using Rotten Mushrooms X2 Rotten Apple X 1 Canteen Required: Chemical Station What it'd do was making the use of the stench that it would give off, probably making the people there pretty upset, and when you toss it, it kinda acts like the banger, but instead, it just repulses the citizens away without causing problems. It would also leave a lingering smell for a bit, like 5-10 seconds or so, depending, that no one will try to enter. I think it could be a good way of some chase breakers, and give the player some breathing time before they end up hunted again. Also! An outfit idea. Joy Mask You can find it randomly in homes, and when you wear it, those around you won't become suspicious of you even when you start committing some questionable crimes. BUT, the downside is, when you wear it, you get a constant flood of Joy drug that has been mixed with the mask, and inhaling while wearing it just makes you more joyful in nature. So, it could only be worn for a few seconds, but it could also be practical in the fact that you can make a quick climb into a building. It would depend of course, how fast the joy meter would fill up, but i'd like to imagine at least being able to cross three or so buildings in length before joy addiction comes into place.
  6. One thing I gotta do though, need to get the game :L, if only I had money.

  7. Happy about We Happy Few at the moment.


    Hit me up on Steam!


    My steam profile name is Bloodsrain [exactly as spelt, capital B]

  8. Done! I have something here for all of you, if you'd like to read it. Here, it's a PDF File I put quite a few hours of effort into writing a creepy story out of diary pages. It does follow Joshua Bennet, as planned, though, I had to use XX's for dates at times since I couldn't really say when Joy was introduced and ect. Please, people, upload your own short tales, lets make a community story, right?
  9. SO, I was talking to Sam since I saw the project recently, and he told me that this was the place to be when it comes to writing stuff, so, here I am. The whole idea started when for some reason, I got very obsessed with the project, and how the development is going (spot on by the way, doing great so far) and decided, well, why not make some speculative lore/character writing? The idea in the coming stories would be the idea of a man, probably in my mind so far being called Joshua Bennet, savvy man with little quality except for a very original name. So, why not, do something nuts and make a whole journal for the character, hm? Hopefully the idea will come to some fruition, since i'm going to be on my butt for quite a while because of surgery. Lets see if it actually happens, huh? It'll probably be posted here, or something like that, probably in this forum! Yes, this very one! Since hype is a major running factor.
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