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  1. Ok so I have been playing and I came upon a "scene" in a store with fuses. I entered through a window and poof everything went dark, so dark infact I almost got stuck in there and quit for the time being. I seen the the time said 3:00am so I decided to wait it out till 9:00 am or so. No dice the outside light didn't shine through lol and i eventually found the items and finished the scenario however the only lighting was from things added ie fireplace, bodies, bandages, etc. No night time falls around the really tall gray buildings and I can't see anything. There is no brightness adjustment on the preview version. Having alot of fun testing stuff out, still learning ... lol
  2. I found the culprit, I was streaming, I restarted came back in and before opening any other program I opened the game and poof it worked... I start streaming through OBS and it crashes.... then I could not relaunch it until I closed both DXtory and OBS. Food for thought... don't understand why they would conflict with each other but all is well now...
  3. Ok so I downloaded everything through steam and I click to play. My steam status says I am playing We happy few but nothing pops up. I can see it come up in the task manager however it is just for a split second then it closes. I have tried multiple hard drives and verifying cache each time but nothing. Running windows 7 64 bit I5 2500k oc 4.3 Azrock Z77 extreme 4 mobo 16GB ram R9 270x Hyper x 120gb X 2 and WD black series 1TB
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