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  1. WHF has been waiting to update for a few months now - steam says an update is queued, and when I try to open the game, I get a message that the content is still encrypted. Steam support is entirely unhelpful, which isn't surprising, and it hasn't really been too pressing of an issue until this new patch came out so I haven't said anything before now. Haven't done anything to the game files themselves, but should I verify the game cache? Should I uninstall and reinstall? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. the good thing about games set in AUs is that they don't have to be historically correct we're in a drugged out dystopia with literal happy pills, i think you can suspend your historical disbelief for a few black people
  3. watching the first part of your playthrough right now - thanks so much for uploading it! i love seeing how other people play the game. i will admit, i was pulling my hair out a bit when you walked out of the butcher, looked dead at the pawn shop scenario, and then turned the other way i also got a chuckle when you found the first building-in-building glitch and shook the camera at it. thanks again for uploading eta: you actually had just crashed from using the psychotropic syringe and had zero joy in you before you went through the joy detector, that's why it went off. i think taking some while in the process of going through might have messed it up
  4. it shows a bright white screen instead of the image very quickly flashed at the very beginning of a new game, which is what i assume is meant to be there. haven't seen this mentioned yet, it's a small thing i only just remembered
  5. some scenarios involve small puzzles - bridge scenarios, pawn shop - that can reward you with game-winning items
  6. oooh, some lovely new artwork. can't wait for the new intro, glad to have them aboard this jolly train. that concept art looks a bit like a party, i think.... any ETA on the next build? not to sound impatient, i'm just very excited
  7. i think it would be better to have a sort of continuous save going, similar to dark souls or bloodborne
  8. @ghretto just open up the console with ~ and type showhud to toggle it
  9. @otherbuttons yes! i didn't see it the first time i saw the scene, i was so distracted by the wastrels. but i found it and ooooh
  10. yes, @Sam has confirmed that the wastrels just love the fancy suit
  11. wellington wells' latest dance craze - the bobby boogie
  12. i'm curious if anyone else found the accessible door on the level below the hanging wastrels. interesting little side scene
  13. finally got a chance to try out the 6.2 patch and it is loads better in terms of fps. the navigation mesh took forever to finish up but once it did, the gameplay on Low settings was pretty smooth. still some stuttering and some lag, but worlds better than the last! well done one bug i found: hill is growing into the house? might just be another example of the houses spawning erratically over uneven terrain unsure if this is a bug, but the fancy suit draws crowds of wastrels that use the wellies voice lines (how's your father, look at you, etc). i assume the attention is intentional, but the voice lines are placeholder? also at one point there were so many following me my game started to lag horribly until i ran and lost them
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