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  1. Things like "accurate alternate history" which are kind of enjoyable but clearly don't add much to the bottom line are often "for exposure". As long as they're up-front about that, I wouldn't call it exploitive. They're not getting paid significant extra money for getting this right, but it would be kind of fun if they could. They're giving a chance for fans to improve the product in a way fans appreciate but probably won't pay extra for. I'm gonna call this the right kind of feature for which to offer exposure, not cash.
  2. On the weapon: fair enough. If you're aware that it's doing that, I'm content. It's a touch annoying at times, but I don't need to report minor annoyances you're already aware of as bugs ;-) Don't think I have any extra details -- I discovered this while looting from wastrel corpses on the build that was current when I made this post. I didn't do anything special -- just search the corpse, see the contents, hit 'tab'. It happened a few times so I stopped trying after that. I'll see if I can repro again.
  3. V-meat's a little weird as well. The butcher clearly gets his meat from elsewhere and cans the V-meat in-shop. He has sides of beef and stuff, presumably un-Joyed. But doesn't V-meat take a pretty extensive canning setup? He's all set to chop and mix if he wants to, but I have no idea how the canning happens. You can do basic canning with a sink and a pot, but V-meat looks like Spam-style industrial canning, not something a guy does with his sink and a big canning pot.
  4. I can't pick up a weapon straight to the weapon slot any more - so with a cricket bat, I had to clear a 2x3 area of inventory to even pick it up :-) When hitting tab from picking up items (to see inventory, sort what to pick up) the items I'm trying to pick up aren't shown. Have to just pick up everything and drop what I didn't want.
  5. I'm getting fairly frequent stops with the latest version (didn't try last week's version, worked fine with the version before). It's not nearly as bad as what he's describing, but probably every 30 seconds or so I get a half-second pause while everything comes to a halt. Mostly annoying in combat, of course :-) I'm the guy using a MacBook Pro and Boot Camp.
  6. With the little hints about how World War 2 went for Wellington Wells, you get the impression that this city, spread across little islands, should be right on the coast. With no obvious farming and no clear place for it to be, perhaps the mushrooms are wild, but things like meat and apples *must* come from elsewhere. It would help my immersion if some kind of docks were shown in the distance or alluded to, or there was otherwise some nod to *where* the food came from. Wellington Wells has clearly been in this run-down-but-not-quite-desperate shape at least since 1945 (around 20 years!), so they're clearly not just running on whatever hasn't rotted from World War 2. Or farms, or whatever. Docks seem like the obvious way to make food happen to me, but you guys are the actual developers :-) It's not that the farm or docks need to be a big part of the gameplay -- they could only appear in the distance, or even just be alluded to somehow without showing them. But it also helps sell the idea that the Wellies pushing the Wastrels out is part of what makes them so desperate -- you'd expect the food to arrive first in Hamlyn and only occasional scraps and looted bits to make it to the Garden District. This also gives a lot of room to show that, plot-wise, if you want ;-) But food is a big deal. And while "downers steal from Wellies, Wastrels have almost nothing" is good moment-to-moment, it really begs the question, "where does the food come from, and how did people stay alive for the past 20 years?"
  7. Ah, sorry! Somehow I got confused about that. Thanks!
  8. I pledged at the "Shadow" tier, so I get a copy of Contrast. Yay! I activated my Steam key! Oh, wait, it assumes I want Windows. Hrm. I have Boot Camp, but I'd love a copy for Mac. Is that doable?
  9. The trolley part is "I don't remember how I got home."
  10. That's interesting -- the Guy Fawkes reference is well known, and I could see Wastrels as "down with the government" types. It's not like they're treated very well. But Nov 5th in WW2, then, is when Eisenhower arrived. The Americans. That's interesting because I don't think I've seen any other references to Americans in WW2 in We Happy Few. It's not clear if they were even involved. So if it's a reference to that, there's more story coming about it.
  11. I'm *way* more okay with "the Bobbies are gonna get even nastier" now that I know it's not actually required to kill any in order to finish the game. When I thought I needed to kill Bobbies until I got the keycard, I was *really* not looking forward to it.
  12. Yeah. So much of the Wastrel dialog was just heartbreaking after I found this scene and realized what they were talking about. There are really nice, really subtle touches hinting at this all over -- the empty playgrounds in Hamlyn, Jack reading the Pied Piper story, a lot of the chalk drawings...
  13. The exclamation marks are basically special events. Red ones are (as a rule) fighting special events, where somebody is likely to try to hurt you. Though it's We Happy Few, so you can get hurt in the nonviolent ones as well, as a rule. They don't generally require specific activation, though some of them have events/combats that are triggered by something -- take tea off the Wastrel Tea Party table, open the chest on the rubble pile, etc.
  14. Apparently heavier drinkers than I talk about "taking the drunk trolley" (or beer scooter) -- not sure how I got home and I can't remember last night, I must have taken the drunk trolley. I have been referring to "take enough joy to escape my current location" as the joy trolley for awhile. Compulsion folks: I suggest that it would make a fine thing for Wellies (Bobbies, perhaps?) to mention in flavor dialog as well :-)
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