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  1. Oh, don't misunderstand me. I know that, as it stands, there -is- a story. But because it's presented in a non-linear fashion, it may come as an annoyance or even a turn-off to a lot of potential players who enjoy that sort of thing. In either case, it was just a suggestion for a potential finished build. Specifically, one that allowed you to get a much more in-depth look at how the town interacts outside of their sphere of influence. Is the whole world like that? Is it just the one town? But, that's all it really is. My personal opinion of a direction the game developers could take to offer, as I said, a bit more of a linear method of delivering story. There would still be plenty of snippets to hide, just like in any game, but you wouldn't have to rely on luck to find the most important ones.
  2. To tell you the truth, I don't have too much interest in We Happy Few. It's a great concept, and if I get a better PC or if it comes out for console I might look into it, but it's just not my kind of game. There's no story, no real mystery. Granted, it's still in -alpha-... And I understand that. But what I would like to suggest is something to give it more substance end-game, at release. Keep in mind, developers and forum-goers, I do not have any certification as a writer for these games. I simply wish to give my two cents. Imagine a 'story mode' where you take one of the two or three main characters, and are tasked with infiltrating the town. Finding out a dark secret about so and so, or revealing the truth about the Happiness to the other townsfolk to turn them into Downers. You then have specific objectives for each day, with each day being a save point. It takes away from the risk of a survival game, perhaps, but things like hunger and thirst at the end of a day would still carry over. Each day, you would have different objectives. Day one, infiltrate the town. Day two, locate a home. Day three, locate X person. So on, so forth. These commands would be given out by a sort of underground of Downers, people like you who don't buy into the drugs and Happiness, or simply people who are 'immune'. Now, at the end, they tell you the location of the grate at the end of the world... So you can escape. I know it's not quite what you guys had in mind, but I think it would be an -amazing- way to show off some more lore and story for your world. Not just throwing players into random city after random city to try and escape. You could offer different endings for each character, or perhaps the choice to simply become one of the townsfolk, abandoning the underground! So many possibilities, so many opportunities to tell this amazing story. And, you could still keep the core survival aspect of the game as 'free play', or simply as a 'challenge mode' which would allow for the game to continue on after the 'story' is complete.