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  1. BeyondSpectrality

    WHF: We Happy Fanart??

    All of this Fan Art is so awesome! I am so happy the game has hit the mark and will be able to continue becoming more amazing! @Otherbuttons I love how many varying styles you have!
  2. I think an update containing things like Wallpapers and Icons would be a good idea as well. It's a nice way to decorate your Computer, Phone, Kickstarter page etc. As well as a nice way to build hype. "Hey, where'd you get that cool background?" or "What's We Happy Few?" Might be questions that arise when you've oh so joyously plastered the game over your products. I know it's happening on my phone right now with Fallout 4, I'd love to replace it with a nice We Happy few background.
  3. BeyondSpectrality

    WHF: We Happy Fanart??

    Thanks! I've never seen that show before. It looks funny, definitely going to check it out. I was hoping to start recording the second episode tonight, but I am unfortunately sick and left in bed with a 101° fever ;(
  4. BeyondSpectrality

    WHF: We Happy Fanart??

    The artist is always the harshest critic. It looks great though.
  5. Better to bump an old thread than to make a new one with similar subject matter @Fwiller It's hard to consistently show new things about a game so early in development, but its always fun to see the development process. I think all the ideas here are great. How easy will it be to make mods for We Happy Few? Or talk about what you want to see out of the community and how you're going to aid in the community's development. WHF seems like the perfect game to support a long life for the community and community content.
  6. BeyondSpectrality

    WHF: We Happy Fanart??

    I haven't decided yet, I might do episode 2 and pause there for awhile. Because you're right. I want to know more about Wellington Wells and I do want it to be accurate. Thanks for the support, I'm glad you liked it. The idea spawned from my passion for the old Twilight Zone radio shows. This was my first attempt at trying something like it.
  7. BeyondSpectrality

    WHF: We Happy Fanart??

    I'm super nervous in posting this, I recorded it at 2AM...probably should have not been so sleep depraved, but I hope you all enjoy: Note: This is just a fan created project that I will continue if I have permission from Compulsion. I do wish I had some of the music from the game for future episodes though, lol.
  8. BeyondSpectrality

    9280 Notes

    If there is a map, I hope that it has a Fog of War effect, like the area is all black until you explore it. Or no map and you have to put markers made of cloth around to remember where you've been. But I'm sure whatever you guys come up with it'll be great. I'd be happy with no map at all, no map and randomized environments makes the world feel even more ominous.