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  1. No, I didn't try to Save. yhe bug I'm submitting seems to indicate an autosave was done by the game upon my crash. If they have that built in, it isn't working as I ntended. If it isn't built in, it's giving the user the idea that it tried to (since a ceash isn't normal gameplay)
  2. That's weird it says you have saved progress if you die, it should wipe it cause death is perm. No redo's here. Another bug I spose that it says that. In my case, I crashed with full health and not in combat. I hate thinking of pertinent info after the initial post! Having a bunch of fun with it
  3. I've successfully continued other sessions. Only time it didn't give the option was with the crash.
  4. Earlier today, I tested the QUIT and SAVE option near a couple healthy plants. When I CONTinued my game, the plsnts were still in bloom, but unharvestable. They gave no special indicator they were a gather item any longer. No other nodes seemed affected, only those 2 visible on my screen when I Q/S.
  5. When the gsme crashrd on me prepping to go into the Wellie's area, I went to start a new game and the hoverover informed me I'd be writing over a saved game, lose my progress. I didn't expect a save, but was elated for a moment! (Best Wastrel area run yet!) But no option for CONTINUE was listed. Thus was late night PST 7-11-15, an update may have addressed it. But in case not, here you go!
  6. Black screen, not able to move in shelter. Uncle Jack was on the radio: I experienced this as well. I ESC and saved my game. I QUIT and SAVED, then CONTINUED. It reloaded normally and I'm able to resume.
  7. Adding my rock to this pile. I got Steam reloaded just for the pre-A. Hopeful that the DRM free version is an option at launch, as it's what I understood as well.
  8. Excited for pre-alpha codes out later today!

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