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  1. Just started really expliring Hamlyn proper and wow! Great lore here, and sooo creepy!
  2. Yep, same as above. I normally find them laying about, too. Chemical I've had some good fortune to get them now in shelter lockers, or bathroom medicine cabinets, which I had been forgetting because I was crouching.
  3. As much as they adore you, they still don't want you at tea
  4. @djkid I thoroughly enjoyed your glitches, and your blurbs about them! Back to glitches Thanks!
  5. About "them" not caring about bodies in the streets: I read what I was able of the newspaper, and the article about the Victory Forces, or Victory Men (going on memory here), which had a quote or paraphrase of "The less there are alive, the more there is for the rest if us." Maybe this is why they're not too concerned about deaths? Next time I'm in, I'll have another look-see. Pure speculation on my end.
  6. @darthchewee I'm certain we are all good... Poor Uncle Jack; what sort of dog would Jack have had? Terrier?
  7. I have just started axiously running into Hamlyn proper. I dash in, grab food, rummage bins, and run back out like my tail's on fire! I haven't found chemical because I've not been near the stuff that has it. I'll get there! I also jinxed myself with the seeing kits! I have high hopes, though!
  8. The Bobby is bending to talk to the old woman, but she's standing behind him with her face toward his rump. Was she a doctor before the War?
  9. Actually, I've had much more luck finding at least 1 kit. I had to look in non-obvious localations, sometimes. Good luck!
  10. I had just crossed back into town and I think I may have TAB-I'd and swapped within distance. I've just started hitting Hamlyn as my confidence grows - so with blood pumping, maybe I'd already been noticed and I missed it in my excitement. Thanks! I'll be more aware moving forward!
  11. I just went 16 days, and died trying to look at couple of dead Wellies by a bridge I hadn't used. Didn't see my gealth drain til toooo late. Oh well, my sewing kit mission ends for this run! I was looking under stairs, in blown out buildings debris.... I think I have a great feel for the Wastrel's homes now!
  12. Last night, I put my Simple Suit back on and snuck around Hamlyn looking for open windows. I wasn't caught out *phew* and changed back into my Torn Suit to hang out amongst the wastrels, but they were as suspicious as they'd have been in my Simple Suit. Does swapping out the wardrobe affect its functionality at all? I stashed a couple looted Torn Suits in a chest that was on the road, just in case I needed another, and the chest is easy to access. Did I have Wellie smelly on me or something? Lol!
  13. I'm loving the bits of story I've picked up so far from the mutterings and outbursts, and listening to their conversations. Especially amusing was being on Joy around the wastrels: poor jealous, envious souls. But, given what they know... I guess I can't blame them for their bitterness. I'd want to forget, too.
  14. Awesome! Thanks! Thus far, my survival record is 13 days with Joydosing out, 10 without. I'm excited to hear about what's to come!
  15. You're near death: no healing balm, no new leaves to harvest, no bsndages or anythi g to save your sorry behind! Okay, my sorry behind. A Joy booth was on the bridge, I had some joy in ky system from trying to eat my pain away... so I overdosed. OD didn't kill me and I woke with a full hp bar. Should we be able to Joy out to avoid demise? While on my hp boost, I rsn around the garden district in an effort to find a sewing kit, and got some junk food on the way. I only did the OD maneuver in that one session; but if I knew it was Approved! then I could cheat the grim reaper without guilt.
  16. I hear you on the sewing kits! I've been able to use one if the maybe three or four I've found in all my runs. Not very happy with the workman's suit, trying to beat a needle out of a wastrel now in my currently saved session on ingame day 10. I've had to climb through a couple wellie windows after sunset for food runs, but I'm running out of perimitor red doors! And why granny runs to the grass in the morning is beyond me... nosy old bat! Having so much fun with this test running; can't wait to hear mire shows when all content is out at launch.
  17. I can't seem to ever get that ! on the map to go red (seen/found I asume). I even made my way to the roof and was leanin' on chimneys (did not 'ghost, I climbed/jumped and somehow fell through some weird hole in another empty room with an ugly yellowish carpet and no furniture, I think,... anyhow,) I landed in my shelter/workshop up there. Who needs a lock pick eh?
  18. Graffiti "Why won't they stop crying" and then I looked up from where I stood on the platform. Wow, nice job creative team! Took me by surprise! Loved it.
  19. Thanks, I was all resigned to the fact a game crash lost my best progress yet, then saw the static msging and got my hopes up, only to then need a Joy pill after realizing I didn't have a saved game. Clarity will help resolve false hopes from being raised. Thanks! P.
  20. How about the Wellies have a little group street waltzing or dancing? Tea and biscuits on a table in the center. Heck, the wastrels could do the same or instead.
  21. (I'm not looking for assistance, just trying to report my found bugs)
  22. I hope the Dev team is understanding the scenario.
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