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  1. I don't have a SShot but wanted to comment to the above pink sky shot. I saw a dawn yesterday that made me stop what I was running off to and just watch it for a moment. Really gorgeous, compliments from a viewer of Arizona sunsets!

  2. I once had a Wellie house on the Garden District side of the bridge, right at the right corner of yhe bridge. This was early on, and I hadn't even crossed the bridge yet in my games. I actually liked that it happened, as it gave me an intro to them. But since I haven't seen it happen again, I assume it was a bug and not a feature. I died in that house, too, before I could raid it all, but I saw the food before dying and it motivated me to get into town!

  3. I'd love to hear a Wellie coming down and needing to find a Pill booth. Not really a singular character, though, is it?


    I never see old ladies or any Bobby go into the booth. If someone is gonna break out and be different, I guess I'd be watching them!


    Maybe a Wastrel revolutionary figure would be nifty, but they fall into such pits of despair, I don't know if they could stay focused enough to try storming the city!

  4. Even Uncle Jack had his moment of forlorn emotion on camera about his dog, then quickly 'corrected' himself with a Joy pill.


    It seems they may have made food from the animals, at the least, but I don't think it's the Very Bad Thing, but fallout from it.


    The gas maze is eerie and surprising. I found myself wondering why the Wellies allowed the Wastrels to live at all, since they're seemingly resistant to the Joy effects. One Wastrel sobs about someone taking the vanilla (a flavor in the booth) when whomever it was knew the vanilla didn't work for him or her. I'm guessing that Wastrel wasn't spared, but why not, when others were?


    Since the "capable" Wastrels are kept quarantined, are there plans for them to be some sort of experiment? Are they already? Is this why they were spared, and only those who breach the walls are killed?


    The Wastrels are indeed envious if you're on enough Joy for them to notice. They'll kill a Downer, too, if they spot one. Perhaps the Wastrels are awaiting a cure so they can rejoin society as they knew it, in all its ignorant bliss.


    I believe the children were killed. The level of grief is without any hope. A missing child might be alive, and you'd think they'd cling to the slightest bare thread of hope in that case. These folks seem to be beyond hope when facing their own unmedicated memories. The chalk drawing of the children at gunpoint by a militant figure seems poignant to the idea of witnessing death, or surety of it to come.


    It's all very twisted! Very well done, too. I eagerly await more tidbits to come, though it likely won't be fully known 'til next summer.


    I feel sad for the Wastrels and the Wellies. Joy is the enemy here. At times, I feel I'm euthenizing more than killing, unless they attack me first and I've no escape; then it's simply survival.


    Lots of rambles, sorry!


    I think they passively or actively participated in killing the children. I hope some managed to stow theirs to safety. We know, kind of, what the Wellies think, and what the Wastrels think. What we do not know is what the Downers think.


    Much fun in speculations!





  5. But... not enough to hold 3. Does the code force it to populate my Inv with the new item before killing the component? Ive noticed bottles disappear, no empty replaced, too, when I use from main Inv and there's no room for the replacement if the full and empty exist at the same moment. Any way this can cause the item to move to ground, jnstead of being killed? Bottles might fall? I can't say for sure, but the suit definitely did not.

  6. I swapped wearing my Fancy Suit for wearing my Simple Suit, then crafted the Dark Suit at my Hamlyn chem station (side with the butcher). When done, I have my Dark Suit, properly killed the Simple Suit, but my Fancy Suit is ALSO gone.


    Just for good measure I checked every storage space and the whole shelter floor.


    It's gone. From now on, I'll stow all suits except the one being converted in storage and not Inventory, but I reckon it's a bug that the system killed both Simple and Fancy.

  7. Two different issue for two times done:

    First, the girl was out further on the grass far away from the corner of the building on the seafront road. The boxes were there at the corner, but I came across her first. I could not aid her, ended up killing her and got the key as her drop. Then, when I got to the chests, I was asked to bandage and feed with no NPC present. I did so, and then the key on the chests worked.


    Second, I again came across the woman, this time in the second accessible Garden District, and she was by her chests. I bandaged and fed her, got the key, but two boxes were halfway buried in the curb and unclickable (the one with the good stuff being one of them, feh).


  8. You might try the Fancy Suit for getting by the old ladies. What I've noticed is as long as you keep moving, the ask for gossip as you pass by. But if you stop, then they get suspicious within moments. I've toyed with using Shift+w for slower walking speed, and maybe it's just me, but I seemed to get fewer "Are you feeling well?"s.


    I would love to be able to stop and watch Jack when he's on screen - it seems the Wellian thing to do! But because I'm not still walking, suspicion builds. If I stop to "Lovely day for it" it also seems to build because I usually stop walking. I'm not sure this could be easily remedied, or even wanted. But if I had a wish granted, it'd be to be able to try to rub elbows a bit more to hear if they let anything slip.


    I am one of those who wants to look at EVERYTHING so I'd be disappointed if suspicion was so high strung that I couldn't pause to take in the little details, like what's painted on the shop windows, for example. I don't speed through a game to beat it; I want to do all the side events, see the landscapes, open the entire map.


    The game will be getting a storyline as full release is close, I've read. With that, to get it all, the balance could be good for the ease of escape (I'm not grest at escape, so I try to avoid being outted :)


    For me, the Wastrels are a paranoid lot who don't have the benefit of forgetting their guilt of some very bad thing, I suppose any newcomer not like them could be a threat?


    Just my thoughts, also probably too long-winded, but it's the only way I know how to do it :)

  9. I opted for the Dark Suit instead of Fancy for better stealth. The description notates how well it works in darkness, and I wondered if this relates directly to time of day? The Wellies are terrible at energy conservation and always leave all the lights on, and of course the streets are brightly lit as well, so not exactly dark, if it's literal.


    Is the Dark Suit a big enough advantage, in your opinions, over the Fancy Suit for night to night burgling? Or perhaps better suited (heh, punny) for specific actions?

  10. Windows 7 Ultimate

    Intel Core i3-2120 CPU @ 3.30GHz

    RAM jnstalled 4 GB

    64-bit OS


    It's my housemate's machine; my laptop flatly refused.


    Small Uncle Jack hiccup when starting a new game, but by the time he finishes saying Wellington Wells, it's fine. I let the world generate before trying to start exploring. A few pauses as I start out, but it doesn't persist.


    I did update the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 graphics driver as they had an update last month. I only crashed once on the initial 6.1 day, but not yet since.


    Thanks for a great game, and for your community support!

  11. Adding to lower end that works, except for a hiccup (it is that fast) on Uncle Jack's intro at starting a new game. I have commandeered the housemate's machine, so I don't poke around too much.

    I did update the graphics driver as they had an update available lsst month: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 version 353.30

    Running Windows 7 Ultimate w/service pack 1

    Processor: Intel Core i3-2120 CPU @ 3.30 GHz and 4GB of installed RAM

    it's a 64-bit OS


    I have to let the world load up a few seconds before trying to move, but once established, it's pretty smooth. I've only had one crash on day 1 or 2 after the key codes went out, and that was prior to my updating the driver.


    I'll be buying s new machine sometime before January, so I'm really happy the game runs well on the housemate's machine or I'd be awful down about not being able to jump in and join the fun!


    Great experiences so far, thanks for all the work and community involvement!



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