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  1. That trailer, and the news, is fantastic! The ONLY real persistent negative reaction I noted in comments was on that 8.x minute trailer. It portrayed the game as a repetitive killing grind, never got to Hamlyn, no real tension built, just... awful. Is there anyway to replace that? People are remarking the game is all hyped in the trailer and doesn't deliver.

  2. I spent several hours last night watching a documentary entitled "Hitler's Britain" which depicts a "what if" based on the strategy war notes if the Germans, and also some factual programs explaining the unoppsed (nothing could have stopped it) occupation of a couple southern villages. The Germans had a strategy of charming the populous over (initially to have least resistance), and purchased goods as anyone else would have. The narrator went on to comment that stock would soon run very short and eventually out. The Germans were ruthless from the outset in Poland, more charming in France.


    WWII was not covered heavily when I was in grammar and high school in the 70s and 80s, and I learned quite a lot from these documentaries. I had not realized just how quickly the Nazis had moved, and very unprepared Europe was to handle the onslaught, as would be the US. So much good luck gave the Allies precious time, from bad weather to a lucky depth charge drop in US waters, to gain the upper hand.


    The RAF held out barely long enough; a surrender had been broadcast, but thanks to the RAF keeping presence enough to disrupt the Nazi's air space dominance, and risky waters of the channel, the surrender to begin at midnight never took effect. The Germans couldn't safely cross with their war machines due to very choppy water, and instead diverted their efforts to the Americas.


    The Enigma code was cracked by a Brit, and this was huge! Supply ships could intercept German plans. The Germans caught on the code gad been deciphered, and adapted, but the Allies captured another vessel and was able to again crack the Enigma code. The US was able to advance their planes to be able to fly into the dead zone, and the milk cows of gas and torpedo supplies to German U boats was negated.


    Had the Royal Air Force not held that one last day, and the weather had not turned stormy, this world would indeed be so very different. Enigma likely would not have been decoded in time, and that was a huge factor.


    The British had about 3500-5000 secret auxiliary forces, comprised of select citizens across Britain, whose purpose would have been to slow, by distraction and nuisances, the occupying forces. They were told they could expect to live for about 2 weeks once they 'activated'. It had to be terrifying.


    In the occupied villages, Bobbies acted as chauffers/drivers and generally were told by the Nazis that by keeping the people calm and unopposing, that they were helping to protect their citizens. Resistance was punishable by immediate death.


    In the known strategy guides for Germany's domination of the British people, controlling the police force was critical, and the occupied village proved just how simply that could be done.


    It was a really interesting night of YouTube watching! It really hit home for me just how close the Axis came toward their goal.


    Despite Ambassador Kennedy's blunt and urgent reports that Britain was in no way prepared, and would be overtaken, it amazes me how very unresponsive the US was (until we got attacked, of course). I have a new appreciation for united international fronts against such world domination attempts, now, as well.


    Well, that was quite the ramble! Sorry! If you didn't make it this far, I don't blame ya! #coffeeshopramblings

  3. Last night, I put in the fuses where needed and the metal door slid open. I did a SAVE and QUIT to Main Menu, immediately returned, and the door was shut. The fuses were still in place (I had a third fuse, and the machines had no indicator to re-input them). I had to go see if making something would help that alarm (I've yet to puzzle out the 'end'), and whenever I have to reenter that cracked open gate, I have to SAVE and reload in order to have thise rooms lit, otherwise they're pitch black. So after getting materials and crafting to see if my item did anything, I found that metal door closed.

  4. With all the potential storage now available, each shelter alone having a big amount, plus utilizing strategic storage around the world, I have hope the game will need it for good reason :) Why else put so much in?


    Though I really like stashing what's likely to be at least 20 pounds of bulky stuff into a couple smallish cook pots, I kinda hope storage limits get looked at for realism. Or have the Wastrels squat back in a bit faster. :)

  5. I didn't realize this about Gibraltar. Thanks for looking beyond "Always remember the fifth of November" phrase. I had assumed it was a Guy Fawkes reference, too, because it's so well known in Britain. Interesting!


    My first visit to London, by happenstance, was on Guy Fawkes night and my hotel window overlooked a park where an effigy was up, and, of course, fireworks were lit off.


    The direct WWII link to Nov. 5 is really intriguing, and I am curious, too, if the story team was influenced by it!


    I assumed the Wastrel fellow to be shouting about fighting off (and wasn't Guy Fawkes executed?) the would-be intentions to overturn the regime, since it's his battle cry, so the context made sense to Guy Fawkes Day.


    Maybe it's both! :)

  6. There was enough room in my inventory to hold two suits without one being worn. An error saying not enough room would look wrong to me on the player side. If the creation process checks for all ingredients, then creates new item, THEN kills or deletes the ingredient (s), then that seems to be why there's no room. If new item creation happened after ingredient killing, then there'd be room. It's just a guess, but I'm hoping in trying to explain it, I've conveyed my bug a little better. Thanks! :)

  7. So, the storage bins rearrange the inside inventory, which is icky for a packrat like me. I filled up my first aid kit in my shelter with 11x5 stacks healing balms, 2 stacks water, 1 stack honey, 3 stacks raw meat, 1 stack Victory Meat, 1 stack tea, and 1 Torn Suit. All 32 spots, full up!


    The reorg of item placements caused my suit to get hidden somehow. I see it in the right side preview list, but in opening the storage container, it now shows 6 slots open, but the suit can't fit in the wide U shape at the bottom on the container, and it seems it tried to load last.


    For now, I can remove enough stuff to make room for it to pop out so as to grab my suit, but it's likely something you'll want to perk at so people don't think they lost their stuff.


    :) At least it's only a Torn Suit this time :)

  8. When I first turn it on, the image is still. If I turn it off and back on then the program that was playing when I turned it off restarts. And the picture is still frozen. However the next segment plays normally. The TVs in town are not synchronized, so that running down a street or changing streets produces an echo because of the time lapse.

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