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  1. I guess you're just too darned nice!
  2. I can see a character from an area that once belonged to the British Empire ( such as India, parts of Africa, etc), but I don't think we'll be seeing a whole lot of non-British (English? Don't know the right term) people in the game. Wellington Wells is supposed to be a small village in southwestern England. A small population isn't usually diverse. Also, I know a lot of immigration in England happened after WW2, but that's our history, not Wellington's dystopian alternate one. WW2 possibly lasted much longer in WHF, and now they're under an authoritative government, from the looks of it. I'm not sure if anyone would even want to immigrate to WHF England, much less actually go. So, yeah, I don't know. My guess it's going to be fairly monochromatic.
  3. Wow, where on earth did you find that, MudLark? That is delightfully creepy. The first protagonist in WHF does seem pretty young to me, but you never know. I'm wondering if perhaps WW2 was more drawn out and ended later than 1945 because it can take a while to oust invaders. The war might have ended much later, allowing the protagonist to have a young son without messing up the timeline. The idea of deriving Joy from children makes a disturbing amount of sense. Children are rather cheerful, and have a great sense of wonder. I visited the forums again because Compulsion just released a new video of Uncle Jack telling the tale of the Pied Piper, and I practically blew a gasket. The Germans-as-rats wasn't surprising at all, but Churchill as the Piper? That turns all my assumptions on their heads. I thought that the Germans made the people of Wellington Wells do the Very Bad Thing. What if it was actually the British government, in return for driving away the Germans? Did the government take the kids, and are giving the townsfolk Joy to make them complacent? What on earth did they do with the kids? Oh man, I can't wait for next week when they release the second part of the video!
  4. Well, I'm coming into this discussion a little late. but at the very least we might have a few more details about the game. I'm not too sure about the whole idea of the Wellies losing their kids (either by kidnapping or having to harm them themselves). I totally admit I could be on the wrong track, but here's my line of reasoning. The game takes place in 1964, and it's been revealed that the Very Bad Thing the Wellies did took place while the Germans were occupying England during WW2. If they'd had to harm/give up their children, we wouldn't see people of a younger age. This is assuming the war ended in 1945 like it did in ours, granted. That would make the war 19 years from when the game takes place. If they'd had to harm their kids, we probably would not see Wellies much younger than maybe 30 or 35. They would be a bit up there in age. Of course, if the date the war ended has changed, it might blow my speculation out of the water. Another thing we don't see are very young children or babies, and this leads to my own little pet theory: Wellies can't reproduce. Think about it: what could Joy possibly do to the townspeople's fertility? We don't know the exact effects, but certainly Joy could affect a pregnant lady and her unborn child. My guess is that Joy contains a type of contraceptive to prevent the Wellies from having kids. Which leads to another question: why would the Wellies be prevented from having kids in the first place?
  5. Lovely day for it! Where on earth do I begin? My sister showed me the trailer for this game a few days ago, and I am so excited and I wish this game could be released tomorrow. I've always been a big fan of dystopian fiction, no matter what the format. I am so excited to explore Wellington Wells and its history. I plan to contribute to the Kickstarter project as soon as I get paid. In gaming, I've always been a story-driven player. I always have to know what happens next in a game's plot. The whole idea of WHF is so tantalizing, and I'm champing at the bit to find out all the story elements and secrets of Wellington Wells. Alas, I understand that those points are still in debate, even amongst the game's creators! So while we wait, any other fans want to discuss these plot points as time goes on? Let's discuss and speculate!
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