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  1. I hope that doesn't affect the PC Version in any way because they also said first on Xbox One or do they mean that Xbox version comes out earlier than the PS4 version?
  2. I find the game very easy now. I completed it the first time in 102 minutes and have done 3 runs after this. The game needs to be harder once you found a security keycard and the multi tool you just need to get to the maintenance tunnel and escape I don that usally in an hour or less. The difficulty still needs a huge ramp up.
  3. After loading a savegame the bobbies have the same hight as you have. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=480306169
  4. After 102 minutes I got to the exit. The game is very good already and that was my first try. I made myself a worker outfit to pass the guards at the escape tunnel I found the multi tool by the shop keeper, I also opened the room where food without joy should be but there was nothing yet:) Will come up soon I imagine. I also hid under the bed till thw wellies are gone to sleep and took them down with the takedown. Sneaking in a house is very funny sometimes. On my first try to get in the house I walked thru the alarm. Some bugs I've seen are that sometimes when you walk down the street there is like an invisible wall and you need to go off the street to get past it. Also these statues at the end with the lightning effects have much impact on the fps from 60 to 21 in a second. One very funny thing I saw was a bobby vs. a wastrel and as the bobby hit the wastrel he flew a few metres thru the air. That was my first try and my first day in Wellington Wells, hope you like it.
  5. The Uncle Jack picture is now my new desktop background.
  6. Maybe I get more ideas when I play in a few minutes:)
  7. Village(If that's the section with the little houses and the rainbow like streets) - A box with purified water and food without joy lays all over the street protected by a few (3-5) bobbies because that's for downers. - A street vendor is selling water with joy (Maybe one bobby) - In an backyard there is a downer getting a beating (He is dead already) from the people with joy (3 people) maybe there is some food or water without joy. Garden - Some downers inspecting a gunned down german airplane from the WW2 and there are things like mechanical parts. - A campfire in the middle of the street where some of the downers are sitting with some food. City - Maybe someone from outside of Wellington could be talking to some bobbys but he has good loot but looks like a normal wellie and doesn't like to fight. That's everything I got hope you like some of them.
  8. Thank you for taking time with my questions:). I backed the Kickstarter with 60$ can't wait to get the key. And your team is reaching the goal in a few days you alrady have: 209.356 $ I'm happy when it is successful.
  9. Ok, so I decided to back the game tomorrow with 60$. Now the questions: 1) Will I get the game a few hours later thru an e-mail after the kickstarter is finished in form of a Steam key? 2) I saw in some videos from We Happy Few that the people there sleep at night in their beds, how about an stealth attack to kill them while they are asleep? I'm a big stealth fan I love games like: Hitman, Elders Scrolls, Dishonered. And since you have also to hide in plain sight like in the hitman games it would be cool to have an option to kill them while they are asleep. 3) And what do you think of the idea of getting some disguses like in the Hitman games. I think the game will have some special places which are protected by the Bobbys which would require a keycard or something else. So why not being able to get the clothes of a dead Bobby? I hope my ideas are not too bad and sorry for my poor english.
  10. When I back the game for 60$ will I get the Pre-Alpha on Steam? Or is it possible to have it thru GOG?. I would prefer the second option.
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