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  1. I pulled up the game to check out updates after replacing my corrupted video card and the entire display flickers rapidly, from the menu to the opening scene with Arthur. I set the graphics to Medium and it didn't seem to help. It's set to fullscreen, and adjusting the graphics quality didn't help. The predominant color is green and the flickering gives me a pretty decent headache. The card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
  2. Hm. Yeah, I'm on mouse and keyboard -- I wasn't paying attention to positioning, since it was never an issue when equipping, say, a First Aid kit. I'll give it a shot later next time I boot up to check on the weird memory leak issue on that file.
  3. 1) I understand the lady to be measuring your suspicion level. I tend to watch her most when I'm looting or in other people's houses, as looting especially means you have to remain focused on one thing at the expense of your peripheral vision. 2) I agree, the canteens make a LOT more sense, and furthermore make water more of a premium. Before the switch bottles were so plentiful I was never forced to resort to Joy water to restore my thirst. Question, though: The bottles have a n indicator for damage like regular weapons, but I can't equip them or quickslot them like a regular weapon or a rock. Is this to be implemented later, or am I being dense? It would be great to be able to use them as distractions (throw off to one side so bobbies are attracted by the sound so you can sneak past them, for example).
  4. @Camille I'll try another restart tonight, but I think the answer is technically yes. As far as I can recall the procedure was like this: Friday: 1st, 2nd and 3rd world generations went fine. Saved 3rd generation and signed off for the night. Saturday: Loaded the save file for 3rd generation, died. No problems loading the save file. Started 4th generation. Long build time and some lag initially; saved, restarted. Opened new file; long load-time, but eventually it straightened out enough for me to play normally until I got trapped on a seesaw and beaten to death. Sunday: Created 5th generation. Hideous lag. Eventually managed to get outside the shelter and save. Closed game, powered down laptop for a while. Turned laptop back on and tried to open the save. Very slow to load, then froze entirely.
  5. Quitting and restarting didn't help, no -- in fact, neither does shutting down and trying to reload the file at a later run date. The 4th and 5th world generations were begun on different days. I actually saved the 5th generation outside of the shelter and came back to it later, but this time coming back to the file was even worse -- when the game finally loaded the screen was completely black (with the Conformity and Quickslot icons up), and completely stalled. When I managed to open Task Manager it showed the program was entirely unresponsive, and since it took around 15-20 minutes to load that file I gave up for the day. Oh, minorly, there are three pieces of scenery I notice I get "stuck" on: - The flowerboxes in the City circle around the hatch - The rubble next to the bannister in the Garden district (once so badly I had to restart) - The see-saw (tried to get on it to reduce full aggro, was cornered, got "off" but couldn't actually move)
  6. Addendum: Same issue happening on the 5th world generation. This time the Uncle Jack audio took 30 minutes by the in-game clock to start playing at all, and it was 8:40 before I could move effectively. It also appears to be KILLING my laptop's memory as I couldn't even open Task Manager to check on memory usage.
  7. Okay, so after three new games with no problems on generation or anything odder than seated wastrels propelling towards me like they're on invisible miniscooters the fourth new game generation had problems. Basically, it took an unusually long time to load and when I could the lag was so bad I could barely move -- we're talking seconds between mouse movement and response. It was so frustrating I saved and closed the game, hoping that loading from a save would go easier. The first time I loaded it seemed to hang up on the Loot generation specifically; thinking it had frozen after 5+ minutes of no movement from the bars or change of status, I restarted. I reloaded the file and while it took around 10 minutes to complete it did, eventually, load. However, it still had the same abysmal lag. Considering I'd done three previous games without a problem I don't think it's a settings/driver thing. The lag seems tied to the opening chatter from Uncle Jack, since once I finally managed to limp across the room to turn off the radio the game sped up to normal. Now that I'm out of the bunker and walking around the garden it's fine.
  8. I second Otherbuttons here, in part because they appear in the starting area and contribute to a player's first impression. Having only one male and one female skin sells the game desperately short, and I've seen more than one person comment that the apparent lack of diversity has completely put them off (like on that horribly unrepresentative IGN video). It's not such a huge deal during the pre-alpha phase, but it's such a jarring contrast to the wide variety of Wellies that it seems really weird.
  9. Difficulty is not too bad (yet) as long as you're either good at combat or run like a coward/stealth to avoid detection. The biggest learning curve is discovering what helps you fit in and how close to the line you can get utilizing certain items before you risk serious damage to yourself. (And incidentally, no matter how good you are at combat you are very unlikely to survive trying to take on more than, say, three people at once unless you have a LOT of healing items.) The resource gathering is a dice-roll; there are certain items that make blending in or breaking and entering a lot easier, but you won't always find all the components to make them. The current build has only three islands compared to the usual five because Compulsion fine-tuned it for the demo they presented, so the world's a little small at the moment, but each biome provides different resources. Only one area has clean water, for example. Death is indeed permanent (though you can continue from a save as long as you haven't died), but the world is procedurally generated so it's actually not that annoying; different events and landmarks spawn in different worlds.
  10. The nature of Backerkit seems to be that lockdown requires manual intervention from someone at Compulsion. I think it's done once a day during what I'd guess are their office hours (seems to be weekdays, but I think some of the devs are at a conference right now). Once you've been locked down your Steam key is added to your profile on Backerkit, so you don't need to worry about losing the email or anything.
  11. I thought poppy too, since they're the basis for opium and the doctors seem keen on Joy compliance.
  12. @Vince , I adore the wastrel encounter (it may be my favorite in the game - I vastly prefer these to the combat encounters), but I have to ask, erm.... why's the wastrel need our items when she's sitting on top of chests which usually includes food and sometimes healing items and in possession of a key to open them? If it's more a matter of having given up on life, maybe you could add a bit of dialogue...
  13. I'd guess permadeath would be constant, but I know the roguelike Sunless Sea did eventually implement a "Mercy" mode that allowed the player to save and reload (though if I recall the game did mock you for it, and it rendered certain achievements unattainable). For my money, though, WHF has less reason to implement something like that -- it's about escape, not building up a crew/prestige/etc.
  14. I admit I also have some issues with roguelikes, and don't particularly like permadeath myself, but WHF does have a small advantage when it comes to making you replay. Because the game is procedurally generated you won't always get/find certain scenarios or setpieces in one world. For example, there's still one I've never seen, but know exists because other people have posted on it. Knowing that dying creates a new world and gives access to more story took a lot of the sting out of it for me. In fact my impression is you HAVE to die multiple times if you want to see everything the game has to offer, and so there's a solid reason to experiment and take risks, and story rewards for those of us who aren't so great at the survival aspect and play for the world. The more you die, the more you see. I believe it's confirmed there will be difficulty settings in the future, but for the time being I'd just embrace the death aspect. If you cringe at the thought of losing resources, just sprint into town without even looting the wastrels first. Survival resources are currently plentiful there, so all you need to do is get a feel for the place.
  15. @Otherbuttons Haha, fair. I forget that cosplay is serious business. (Said without irony, as some people make a living on it.)
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