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  1. @SyAlmans, yes they are equippable in the quickslot, they are throwable objects like the rocks. If you are playing with mouse and keyboard, maybe you are not positioning the mouse correctly over the quickslot? The top spot of the bottle has to be aligned with the quickslot. Or, just right click on it from the inventory while a quickslot is empty.
  2. @afrat240 It's basically a new specific park map that will always spawn once in every Village biome where Wellies can hang out. This particular park will probably be quite bigger in the next update with other new small parks and gardens also spawning more regularly around in the Village.
  3. Yes guys, you are totally right! There is currently no way of opening these doors... But do not fear! I will make a major update on this bridge in a future update, the state that it is right now is temporary. Don't worry, it will be awesome!
  4. @Wilson Ahah good one. I never thought about helping the Wastrel AFTER the actual chest was looted. Something different could happen in that case, or actually, the Wastrel could be pissed about you lock picking all his/her chests after all... Didn't you feel just good just by helping? @Vercci that's pretty much it! There's also a different outcome if you beat the Wastrel up. @stewi001 There should always be one of the five chest with the loot in it, if you're lucky enough to open the right one (or all, but that's up to you).
  5. @eshowers In the Garden District, the campfires in the destroyed houses are the best way to get food, or like Naila said, go raid some kitchens in town!
  6. @Zenaxa Yikes yeah you're right about that... I don't think there's any way of removing that now thought... I can understand people's concern in the comments by watching this gameplay video which doesn't show much indeed... I guess that's the risk about having a pre-alpha playable game, and having someone that has no clue about the game post a video, on IGN of all places. I just hope these people that got turned off by that video will give it a second chance and watch a decent video next time! Also, it's not entirely clear that this is a pre-alpha due lack of description/commentary...
  7. Thanks everyone for your input! It's really appreciated, I had time to read all of you, and there are some awesome ideas in there! I've just been focusing a lot on testing, bug fixes, optimization, balancing, progression in these past few weeks. I'll soon have time to add a crapton more random encounters and more variations, etc. @djkid I know right, I feel also so bad for those poor Wastrel's souls too, so that's probably one of the first thing I'll tackle in the Gardens.
  8. Hi all! So, for the encounter (table with loot, surrounded with bushes), yes It is a known issue where it can spawn about anywhere. Of course, I built it in the idea it could spawn only in wilderness, and in the Garden District, but the Random Encounter spawning system is still taking his first baby steps, we will make it so that we will be able to choose specific areas and conditions where it should be able to spawn. And as for buildings spawning in the wrong area (near the rivers), we are aware of that also but didn't quite find how to fix it yet, but we'll get to it in due time. Thanks for your feedback and screenshots!
  9. Hi @Triskai! Thanks for your feedback, it's really appreciated! I hear you on the inventory management, I'm myself a big fan of "auto-arrange" features and anything that makes inventory managing easier and faster, so we'll definitely look into that. We also discussed about the inventory stopping the game time, but I can't say for now if we will keep it like that or not. I also think it would add another "strategic" layer to the game where you really need to equip your quickslots with useful items and actually use them. And of course, you would probably need to go in a phone booth to change the suit you are currently wearing, right? Changing in the middle of the street is probably not a normal Wellington Well activity... And as for the need for sleep, yes it is a feature we will work on later. Right now, it's not useful at all, but it will be in the future, rest assured. Your assumptions makes total sense, but different time of day and also your current day will affect gameplay a whole lot more! It's always a JOY to hear feedback, so keep it coming!
  10. Hello @manako101! Thanks for your kind words and we are glad you are enjoying the current build! Did you know there is not even collision on the trees? You can pass right through Unfortunately, there is no way to unlock the other playable characters just yet. The game right now is basically you have to escape by finding and going through the secret hatch! But that's just temporary "ending" of course. Good luck
  11. @arron that sounds pretty cool. I'm sure it would fit right in the city district. Sneaking around when all those people are around sounds like a good challenge @Otherbuttons ahah i really like your approach on how to resolve these encounters. I do have a "give something to an NPC" mechanic and you could defuse some situations by just giving them what they want. Good thinking!
  12. @xiiMaRcLeoN Unfortunately, everything in the village has Joy in it, so a merchant with un-Joyed food or water would not work... but I like the idea of having some of it on a downer in the city or in a secret downer stash! Or some kind of black market at night hehe... A crashed airplane sounds like a really nice piece but that might take quite a bit of work though I love the tourist encounter, that could be real funny @noahgibbs Yes, a Wastrel using chalk on a wall would fit right in in the Gardens for sure! But what does it give the player in terms of gameplay? It could still be a "general" action the Wastrels do for an activity though, and we'll be needing quite a few of those too. Really good stuff otherwise! Requires a fair amount of AI behavior work, but I'm sure we'll get around to that at some point and put some of those in! Thanks guys!
  13. @Hidude The price of the digital copy was 30$ in our Kickstarter campaign, so it should be around the same when it comes out.
  14. Thanks for your post @dash! Ahah yeah I have already prototyped some kind of NPC line-up, and It would be nice to make it functional and include it in an encounter, gotta love them Postal 2 line-ups I like the wellies having a particular Tea Time and they would go into stores at that specific time, we don't have all the time of day mechanic implemented yet, but having specific time of days activities brings a whole new perspective to encounters and to NPC dynamic. The whole shop ideas doesn't fit in the Encounters because it is in a building and encounters will spawn only on roads or wild areas, but I also thought of having little merchant stalls that could be set up in the streets, and there could be a whole bunch of different ones (and possibly Wellies lining up ehhehe) Keep em' coming
  15. Hi! Vince, Level Designer here. So, as I'm working on implementing all kinds of random Encounters in the game (and I'll need a LOT), I thought I would start a discussion on the forums about it! Encounters can spawn anywhere in a given area (island) on a road or in the wild/backyards. Examples in the game right now: TV Altar, Feast, etc. They must be: - Biome specific: Garden, Village or City. - Very small in dimension. It has to fit the width of a street at max. - It has to have a risk vs reward. The tougher the enemies/challenge are, the better loot you will get. - It has to make sense in the narrative. - As simple as possible. I know an encounter with a whole cutscene with dialogues would be nice but... keep it stupid simple. - ...Yet, interesting and mesmerizing. Let your imaginations run wild, and you might even see some of your suggestions randomly popping in a future game update!
  16. @Bloodsrain Neat! I really like the idea of crafting something useful out of the junk items somehow! Really good idea. That bomb sure would be useful when you need some privacy Also really like the Joy Mask idea, or a whole mask mechanic for that matter, that could lead to something very interesting!
  17. @Otherbuttons I'm not entirely sure about it having to do with historical or actual geography, but from a Gameplay standpoint, we needed to have a way of separating the different areas and making a funnel (bridges) to have some transitions/challenge between those areas. Some other ways of separating the areas have also been discussed, but you'll have to wait and see in a future update
  18. @Dash Its in fact a V1 Bomb https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V-1_flying_bomb
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