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  1. Hi there!

    Yes sorry guys, there is a bug where the doll cannot be given. I think saving and loading a game, and talking to the Treehouse guy again, you should be able to gift him the doll afterwards. There is a bug that if you saved and loaded your game during the quest, this bug can happen. You do not have to equip it, the prompt should just show up when you look at the NPC if you have the doll in your inventory.


    It will be fixed in the next update.

  2. Hey there!


    Yes we are aware of this bug and it can happen pretty much in all day or night only specific quests. We are trying to find a solution to this problem so that if you at least start the encounter when it is active, it will at least stay active until you leave the area instead of just disappearing in front of you.


    Oh and I fixed that door bug, it shouldn't happen anymore after the next update.


    Thanks for reporting!

  3. Yeah Tough linen can be a little tough to find if you are not lucky, but there should always be enough for the suit at least. It would be a good idea to maybe add a quest where you are guaranteed to get a few tough linen to reduce the dependency to the randomness of loot tables.


    As for the dig spot, it should be very straightforward, but alas there are a few bugs preventing them from working sometimes, but it should be all sorted out already and fixed in the next update.


    Thanks for your feedback!

  4. It was indeed a decision made to keep the roguelike feel of the game, so I don't think we are going to add a save game feature like that. We try to limit the number of quests like this that can be failed, but you can still go back and try again in the same game if you failed the first time (for the Mystery House at least).

  5. Hi! yes we also noticed a few weird bugs regarding beds and are fixing them for the next update.

    If you get stuck after a bed takedown, try shoving the air and try to hide under the nearby bed, it's a bit tricky to pull off, but you will be able to unhide and continue. We are also working on a fix for this.


    No you are not wasting our time by the way, don't worry and keep reporting the bugs :)


    Thanks again!

  6. Hi there! Yes the game currently is work in progress and the balance of the game will change often. It is very delicate because it is all tied together with the loot that you get that can be a bit random, the quests you complete also give you rewards, and we will add more of those too, etc. We can also give more or less loot in the starting shelter to give a head start. And of course we will be tweaking the survival needs depletion rates and also looking into the duration of the day.


    We will keep tuning and balancing the survival needs and daytime as best as we can so that it is enjoyable and does not become a chore.


    Thank you all for the feedback!

  7. Hi there! Thanks for the feedback!


    I'm not exactly sure what you mean in the first post about the sound?

    We are aware of the problem about entering the safehouse and the fading in/out not working properly and will fix it.

    And the poisoned Wastrel too will stop levitating :)

    If the speed started going fast, maybe its because you hit the "+" sign on the keypad, it is a developpment shortcut to help us test the game and it was unintentionaly left in the game. You can press the "-" sign to speed down the game if it happens again.



  8. Hi! Yeah we got a lot of feedback about the sleep meter going down fast and fast in-game time too, we will see what we can do to make them less annoying.

    We are aware of bugs about the Wastrel Beggars not accepting the items even if you have them, this will be fixed in the next update. Or, if this was for a specific quest, we are also fixing those that we know for the next update.


    We are also looking into ways to make inventory management better like sorting options and color coding. This is definitely not the finished UI.

    Unfortunately, we cannot make the 3rd person view because that would mean a lot more animations for all the playable characters.


    Thanks for the feedback!

  9. Hi there! Yes we are currently looking into a few things to make inventory management less of a chore. Sorting and color coding for items are on the list.

    We did reduce the amount of space the Cricket bat was taking to a 1x3, it was indeed pretty big.

    Making an upgrade to the safe sounds great, we will definitely look into that.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  10. Hi there! There might be an issue where, if morning starts (7:00AM) while near the encounter, NPCs can disappear into thin air. It's a bit of a global issue for encounters only happening at night/during the day and we are looking for a way to prevent this from happening.


    And we will look into the weird NPC behavoir and mushroom not respawning properly. Thanks!

  11. Well, they do look quite similar, really. From what I can see here, School 2 as a bit more Game design related courses and more animation courses.

    And school 1 focuses more on the art side and less on Game and Design with sculpture and matte painting notably, and more lighting and texture classes. So, my thought here, if you really want to focus on a Environmental artist career, i'd suggest School #1.


    BUT what is not totally clear though, is the software used. Sure, Lighting and Rendering is probably more Film related (if it's in Maya, that is).


    If you really want to go in videogames, and videogames only, i'd choose whichever of those two programs that might show you Unreal or Unity game engines.


    Mind you, it's different, but the concepts are the same, you'd just need a few tutorials to be able to apply whatever you learned in the 3D software and apply that in a game engine. And knowing how to render and light directly in a 3D software might give you more of an edge if you ever want to work in a movie/TV company, which can broaden you job possibilities.


    I hope I didn't bring more questions than answers, ah! Good luck :)


    (I'm actually French, but hey, the game industry needs you to be good in English in pretty much every company, so yeah. Ironically, I'm translating the game in French right now ;)

  12. Hey there! I like the nice grungy textures in there. I'm not a pro artist or whatever, but from what I learned in 3D lighting, you probably want to add another faint blueish light to make it look dark, but not entirely dark. Unless it's really what you're going for.


    And as a level design rule, the player, or spectator, is always drawn to sources of light. I feel it's missing something at the end of this hallway to actually catch the attention, on the other side of that door, or on the other side of a window in the farthest door. It would make you wanna go there and find out what is this light, you know... Make it more compelling.


    As for drinks... I'm not much of a drink guy myself, sorry ;)

  13. One of my favourite game as a kid was Jackal, a NES top-down shoot-em up. It's not the best game of its kind, surely, but I will always remember it because I was playing with my older brother and it was a pretty tough game, so we played it for quite a while. After a while, we would know where every enemy was coming from and where all the power ups were hidden, but even then, it was a pretty hard game since you only have like 1 or 2 hit points.

    We had a lot of games to play together, but I think this is the first one we played, like, over and over again. I was, I dunno, 6 or 7 years old I think when we got it.


    And then when we got a SNES, it was definitely Rock N' Roll Racing! Very challenging isometric race game, with lots of power-ups, upgrades and weapons.

    Let the carnage begin!!!

  14. Hey there!


    Yeah, this whole design thing IS confusing. I think Marc gave you very good advice in his post and I will add from my own experience.


    What content you create will depend on the game but how you make it depends a lot on the team size. If it is a very small team, the game designer will be the level designer and will maybe be the script writer and maybe even other stuff like UI design and whatnot. But in a big company with big teams, you might be that "Level Architect" where you just build the floors, walls and roofs and move on to the next building on the list.


    I'm not saying it's bad, it can be awesome if that is specifically what you really want to do. But you might not have the leisure of choosing that position, unless you already work at the said place. At that point, it becomes easier to orient yourself in a specialization you are most interested/talented in.


    It seems you already have a broad field of study, and that is good, because as a designer, it is a good thing to at least know how other things work, because you might have to integrate them in your maps. Designers definitely have to talk a lot to the other species of game dev like animators, artists, programmers... Don't forget to be nice to people ;)


    And yeah, the next step for you, as Marc said, go in an engine and start map making/modding. You don't even have to learn an engine if you don't want to, you can just find a game that you like that has a level editor, and knock yourself out. Choosing a game where there is a modding community, or a Steam Game with Workshop for example, is a great way to publish your work and get feedback from the community, this way you can really know afterwards what players liked and didn't like about your map.


    Other ways are to join a team and participate in Game Jams... Making a game is long, and being alone to do it is definitely a lot of work. Find some programmer and artist friends, get an awesome (and simple) idea, learn Unity/Unreal, and make that game!


    Good luck! It's the best job ;)

  15. @Zenaxa We are aware of some issues going on when you are changing suits. Basically, sometimes the game checks for what suit you have on and lets say you change suit afterwards that check was made, you might still be considered having the previous suit. There is a lot of other things messing around with how much suspicion the player is emitting all the time, so it is kind of hard to pin down what is the exact cause of it and if it is related to changing suits or not at all...


    So yeah, we will definitely need some time to test extensively that particular feature to be able to pin down the (or all of the) problems involved with suspicion and what role the suits - and specifically changing suits - plays in it.

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