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  1. Update on experience + updates. Wow, a lot has changed since I last played this game. I like that there are far more people about, be it downers or those on joy. Makes the dynamic of stealth a bit more important, but if you need to find supplies, items you can try your luck at knocking people around to get things off them as well. I was playing via controller (x1 controller, if it matters) and I noticed a few things that perhaps it's just getting used to, or maybe tweaks need to be made. The bumper buttons for activating secondary items (bandages, food, etc.) maybe need to not be "instant use" and have a 1-3 second delay of holding the button down to activate. Only because I found myself in more than one instance activating things I didn't want to. 1a.) I used a bandage while at full health. Wasted the bandage. Perhaps when health is full it doesn't activate "healing" items? 1b.) I ate a rotten apple and then promptly died from the food poisoning it gave me. Here's where it got weird: I immediately ran over to a water pump and began drinking. It quenched my thirst, but while my health drained completely from the food poisoning, I actually remained alive at least until I stopped drinking, long after my health had fully depleted from the food poisoning. Not sure if maybe the drinking of water was giving me small amounts of health that kept me "alive" until I stopped drinking and the food poisoning fully killed me, but I thought it was a bit strange. Either way, the game seems to have come a long way from when I last played it, so I apologize for being absent but man, digging the changes so far!
  2. Update! I purchased an alienware alpha as it was an inexpensive way to get a gaming "rig" and it has increased the fun I'm having in this game tenfold. I can play on high settings and actually survive combat with enemies now. I've still yet to get down parry/attack combos, but I'm enjoying it. It seems like maybe the drop rate on items and things has increased, as I managed to go pretty long through the wastrels before succumbing to death by bobby. (I had it coming). Crafting items is surprisingly easy once you start accumulating stuff, though the thing I struggle the most to find is water. So far so good, and man am I pleased with the way the game runs on this new machine. Totally changes the experience.
  3. Hey all, So first and foremost this game is confusing in the best way possible. I love that you're not really telling us what to do or where to go, because it expands our abilities rather than limiting us with "find (objective)" along-the-more-linear style gameplay. So while I would like a helping hand, I actually think for now keep it the way you can with regards to in-game instruction. Playability for me is rough, only because I'm running this game on probably the least capable machine for it, especially since I'm assuming optimization isn't fully established yet. It's an i7 dual-core 2.9Ghz laptop, but with no dedicated graphics card. I can run the game on the lowest settings, but fighting tends to get a bit choppy for me. That said I still was able to give the business to some of the guards I encountered. I also don't see this as an issue with the game, just more that I need to source a more powerful computer for better experiences. My initial frustrations came from the lack of finding actual items though. In the outskirts of the town I hardly found useful supplies to keep health/thirst going, which I can't tell is a reflection on how long I spend searching for things, or maybe just spawn rates on food/health items. Combat is tricky. I've died a lot. But that's more because I run into groups of Wellies and I probably shouldn't keep doing that. Especially with just a rock. I do love the block and push though. It feels like each fight I get into (1 on 1) is like a mini boxing match, because avoiding the hits is way better than powering through because you don't know when you'll find health items or if you'll have time to craft them. Enjoying it though. Need to spend a bit more time maneuvering the city though.
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