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  1. karinavalkyrie

    Thoughts from a non-hard core gamer

    OK - spent more time in Wellington Wells. I definitely like the world, and am slowly starting to understand how to find items and how they work together to craft. I've also figured out how to obtain and use a weapon - so YAY! I finally survived an encounter with an angry citizen (:3 I'm now spending time trying to find my way back to home base, and I'm wishing I had a map! I want to try crafting items. So far, having a good time - getting used to the controls and movement and searching and everything. I'm really looking forward to seeing what changes come into play as it develops!
  2. karinavalkyrie

    Thoughts from a non-hard core gamer

    Thanks - that's awesome. I did figure that bindings were not going to be addressed in a pre-alpha stage. I've just learned gameplay differently (:3 I appreciate the tip!
  3. karinavalkyrie

    Thoughts from a non-hard core gamer

    Awesome - thanks for the hints. I tried websearching for keyboard controls but came up empty. Also, second playthrough lasted much longer (:3
  4. SO far, my first trip into Wellie has not been successful. But that's ok, as I am not what you would call a hard core gamer, and I generally expect it to take a bit longer for me to get used to the world I'm in. Right off the bat, one thing I'm looking for is the keyboard map, or even a way to alter the designations to the keys or mouse buttons I prefer (sorry, I was taught differently so I'm messed up! (:3 ). Perhaps that's something peripheral to add in later though - the pre-alpha is just game play. So the next thing for me is not knowing which items are for pickup or inspection. I had my first encounter and I think I had an opportunity to pick up their dropped weapon, but then had a hard time finding it. Again, some gameplay may not be as intuitive for me - but so far, I love the soundtrack and the visuals. Time for attempt #2. Let's see if i get further!