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  1. I've been playing the pre-alpha for a bit, and I just wanted to give some general feedback on the game. I really like the world the game builds. It's creepy, original, and full of (mod) style. The new update especially adds a lot of variety to the world, and I hope to see even more variation in the types of building and people that can be encountered. I would especially like to see more shop names in the village, since right now it seems that every store is some sort of McDonalds like chain that just pops up everywhere. I was immediately sold on the atmosphere of suspenseful suspicion the game tries to create. I would love to see more of it; maybe through having more hiding spots and ways to blend in. The clothing system was definitely a step in the right direction, I think. Being a rogue-like, there is obviously a lot of dying in the game. One rogue-like staple I feel would make dying easier is some sort of progress that transfers between playthroughs, like FTL's unlockable ships or Sunless Sea's stat bonuses. It gives the sense that even though you keep dying, you are making progress and you are getting somewhere. It can be frustrating to feel that the hours you've put into the game so far have amounted to no accomplishment. That's it for now. Good luck with the game!