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  1. I love the game so far - it's got so much potential and the aesthetic really sets it apart. I played for a while today and here are some thoughts: The combat felt clunky at first, but once I figured out the rhythms, it was quite satisfying. I am not sure if the game is trying to be a more combat heavy game or a stealth game, though, because it kind of goes a little way on both. Is there plan for more ranged combat? I don't quite think it needs any, but I do think it would help if there was some kind of stealth takedown - even a one-time-use kind of dagger. Items are very rare in buildings, so I often feel pressured to kill just for loot. If that's the case, it would be nice if there was some way to get the jump on somebody. I think my biggest problem so far was with the movement. I think a lot will be ironed out once the procedural generation is fixed, but I had a hard time getting up very small steps - I'd have to back up and do a running jump, which seemed unnecessary. Some windows were unresponsive to the "climb through" command, so I had to mess around quite a bit. One of the home designs in the main city has a kitchen with a big open window into the living room and lasers blocking the hallway; one would assume that they should climb through the opening, but it doesn't respond well and then when you get up top, you are crouching, so it won't let you fall off of the ledge. I think a more generous system that allows you to jump and crouch (and where crouching does not prevent you from falling) might be nice. One more small problem I had was that a key in the meat shop wasn't allowing me to get into those doors and if it didn't do that, the key was useless. I like all the systems in place and even the ones I haven't encountered, I'm very excited to. I like that things are vague and mysterious. All-in-all, I'm super interested! Keep up the fantastic work. I know this seemed critical, but only because I really want this to be great!
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