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  1. foxyroxycosplay

    Cosplay Thread! Show off your Happy Face.~

    thanks Otherbuttons! pictures to follow from SDCC
  2. foxyroxycosplay

    Cosplay Thread! Show off your Happy Face.~

    I am really excited to say that I will be cosplaying a Wellette at San Diego Comic Con International in July. Many thanks to Naila for all the help with images and general support. I've gone with the classic black and white dressed Wellette, which, in retrospect, was a bit more challenging than I thought it would be, because of that giant, perfect beehive. But it's such an iconic 60's look that I couldn't resist. I cast the mask from latex using a sealed paper mask from a craft store. I think if I had to do it again, I would take the time to do a face cast of myself - that craft store mask nose is waaay to big! I have already packed the dress, so no pre-con test run of the full outfit, but I'll be posting pictures of the mask, so you can see how it turned out. I made it full face, but ended up cutting out the mouth and chin, so I could eat and drink and talk - all majorly important things! I'll just fill in that area with white makeup - like they did with Jack in the trailer video. I also made a rolling pin, complete with blood spatter as a prop (also already packed - dang I need to remember to take more progress pics!) I would be open to taking commissions if you like the way the mask turned out.