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  1. Hell yes, count me in on this. 3 Days is when my payday rolls around, so it'll be perfect timing to pitch in some money for this.
  2. Actually I'm surprised nobody's mentioned this, but the vibe I got from this game was less from Bioshock and more.....like that episode of the Twilight Zone, Eye of the Beholder. For anyone that doesn't know about it, check it out. It's one of the few eps that still throws modern-day audiences for a loop, and also has some decent shock value to accompany it. To the members of the Compulsion Team, I'm pretty zazzed that someone is actually creating a game like this, and I hope it's every bit as messed up and terrifying and claustrophobic as the trailer suggested. Should you guys need someone to do some Alpha testing, I'll be happy and eager to volunteer. I also think it's genius that you guys are reaching out to the community about this game, early in the development process. I can already tell this is a game that will be relevant, interesting and terrifying for years to come.
  3. Kat's Song was the intro, right? Yeah, I sometimes just leave it on the title screen while I'm shaving or making ramen or something, it's wonderful background music. Laura Ellis nails it in really any song she sings in, though.
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