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  1. Also because it is stunning on a visual scale and that the music is awesome ( and by awesome I mean TERRIFYING)
  2. Shamed to admit, coralline. But the reason is, I saw it third grade and all my life it is the only thing to have ever terrified me to the point of sleeping with a nerf gun despite the fact it would literally do jack crap.
  3. If you guys made a character in the game for the top donator, that would be awesome.
  4. Mine personally are the misfits, Metallica, korn, the sex pistols, bad religion, bad brains, and minor threat.
  5. Mine is Salem. Yeah, pretty violent, but Salem. Plus that theme song though.
  7. * one of my personal series of games. Grammar.
  8. One of my personal FAVORITE games ever, bioshock one and infinite. "Hey misfit, why didn't you mention bioshock two? That's MY favorite!" Random stranger , did you like sonic boom? "Why yes I did." I rest my case. But really, all jokes aside, all the bioshock games are good, some just more than others. If your a shooter fan, infinite all the way. If your a survival horror guy, bioshock. If your into one of the best stories told in gaming, one, then infinite, than 2.
  9. I would first like to say thank you for even reading it (nobody from E.A ever does something like LISTEN. Or think for that matter) while yes, opiates do slow down your body, they are heavily addictive, lead to disfiguration, and do one other thing important to joy. They make you feel invulnerable, and reduce pain and fear. While I'm not trying to correct the developer (seriously, no sarcasm. You guys are awesome.) I do believe joy is sort of like a faux-opiate, mixed with cocaine, a little of meth, definite elements of ecstasy and LSD, with a pinch of strong bourbon.
  10. So, from what I have seen in the trailer/the inhabitants of the lovely town of Wellington wells, I think I have figured it out. Joy is both an opiate, with a bit of cocain. The reason I say opiate is that in the game informer featuring we happy few, it said that "under the masks there are wild, staring eyes filled with fear." Most drugs (especially opiates) cause paranoia. Also, the towns people are extremely aggressive (side affects of cocaine and methamphetamines) correct me if I'm wrong on this. Thanks!
  11. Will there be a salvage/crafting system in the game + a continual over-arching story (I know you guys said Wellington wells would be procedurally generated) or will you drop us in and let us fend for ourselves until death, running around evading the angry inhabitants? Or something new?
  12. Thank you for your reply Mr.Sam, your game looks amazing, huge fan, keep up the good work, can't wait to see that kickstarter stuff!
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