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  1. Hey guys! Here's my own internal questioning/thoughts from the playthroughs. I am playing with an xbox controller. I didn't really read the buttons on the loading screen. Playthrough one: -I really dig the setting. It really brings you in. Curious to find out how where I am, what I am doing. -Not quite sure why the lady on the bench got suspicious. -Ran into a house and got into a fight. Not sure how to heal? Playthrough two: -The voice said it's day 2. The UI says it's day 1. I like the idea that every time I die I come back to life on the next day. Is this a nightmare that never ends? Not quite sure if this is a rogue like? -I get into a house and I find the inventory menu. I can see that I can heal myself, hydrate and medicine? -Sometimes the vision goes blurry? I'm assuming it's related to health/food/hydration/pills? Not sure. -I die Playthrough three: -I check my inventory, it's empty. So not a rogue like? -I go around town. I use the telephone box. Not quite sure what all the drug stuff does to the player. -I gather a bunch of stuff. I recognize traps now. -I go back to home base. Maybe we can store the stuff we found for later playthroughs? -I go back out, do drugs and faint. Playthrough four: -I wake up, am told I fainted. All objects are still in my inventory. -Go back out, get killed. No items when I respawn. I will post 4 more playthroughs in the future in this thread before reading anything about the game. This is me going in fresh without knowing anything beside the trailer. Biggest questions I have at the moment are: What do drugs do? I think at some point it made the AIs not attack me? Not sure what else it does. Not sure what the end goal is. Not sure what the gameplay loop is. I love the setting. So weird and creepy. Really curious what is happening!
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