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  1. Zup guys, This is Michel, your old pal. Here's my overall feedback on We Happy Few. The great: The looting and crafting system: It is great, I really enjoy it. It's complex and fun but I wish I could craft some addons for my weapons. You know... adding those metal bits to my wooden club (spiked club) so I can inflict a bleeding status or a slight blunt bonus damage to my ennemies. The atmosphere: The game has a great atmostphere, despite the missing environmental variations (same house, same vegetation... the enemies look the same as well). The Audio/Soundtrack/Visual effects: They are awesome so far, but having more environmental effects such as crickets at night, fireflies around lampost could make a better ambiance experience. The combat system: It is fun, despite of being imcomplete. I find the blocking system a little bit unresponsive. And I can easily exploit the enemies A.I by hitting them once, then backing off and attacking... and repeat). The bad: The status bars: I wish to see my status bars on demand (hunger, health, joy, thirst). Sometimes I don't know if I should eat an apple or not, because there's no way to see my hunger meter unless I actually eat something. I suggest to have the status bars semi-transparent, or to toggle its visibility with a shortcut key. Hideout: It is hard to find my hideout. If you plan to randomize the maps every time, please add a mini map of the areas but only show what has been discovered so far. Food poisoning: It is a great idea, but it should not penalize that much. People should be able to eat rotten food as last ressorts and the hunger meter should fill a little bit, but the health should decrease (without decreasing too drastically) Joy level at start:: The player should start with a little bit of joy, so they don't get killed by people immediately for being suspicious. Having a little bit of joy will also show the user that they can salute the other NPCs to recover from being suspicious. Game Progression: I reached the nicer part of the city but made a mistake and restarted completely from scratch, I didn't want to replay all over again. The user should be able to restart from the nicer part of the city, or restart in the slums again but with some of his items that he could have stored in a chest? Keep up the good work everyone! I'll play more of it soon and provide more feedback.