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  1. So while wandering around the derelict buildings, I had an idea. What if there were crazed drawings, in dirt, chalk, blood... Anything honestly- Covering some walls inside of the houses? I feel like these joy-crazy junkies would do something like that. Might add a layer of story, too, what delusions are going through their heads. Maybe a happy family, a dead dog, bombs, eyes and smiling teeth. Stuff like that. Let me know what you guys think! Have a lovely day.
  2. Fwahhhh I'm dumb and totally forgot there was a bug-specific forum. Thanks for moving it for me, Naila.
  3. Hey guys, hope you're all having a great day! Anyways, I've been playing WHF for about the past.. 3 hours? It's tons of fun. You guys are doing a great job, keep it up! I've taken screenshots of bugs and such. One major suggestion first: Make a "Known Bugs" thread and pin it. This way testers won't be reporting the same bugs over and over and over again. I think it'd just be easier for everyone to keep track of. -------------------------------------------------------- Floating Water Pump I know these areas are newer and this is probably just an issue with the generation, but I thought I'd point it out. Get Your Scheduling Right, Jack! I've listened to all of the Jack broadcasts multiple times. If this is supposed to refer to the time for play as Jack mentions in the morning, in the audio he says three, not four. Detectors Sticking Out I didn't screenshot more of these instances, but I did see it multiple times in different houses, in different doorways. The detector bar is just a bit too long and sticks out of corners and walls. Television Teleport!? While this image doesn't showcase the actual bug, this exact one was the one I tested it out on multiple times. If you press space at a television like this in a house, you climb up it into the room above. Poorly Generated Buildings I'm pretty sure this is a known issue, but I thought I'd give a few examples in case it's particular buildings at fault for clipping into each other or spawning too close. Holster Expansion Kit? Not necessarily a bug as far as I know, but I found this and couldn't pick it up at all. (Yes, I had clear inventory space.) Unless it's a 2x2 in the inventory. Then that was just my fault. (Side question, what the heck does this do?) Care for Low-Hanging Televisions! Some televisions spawn lower to the ground and can't be walked under by player or npc. A bunch of bobbys got caught on one. Kinda funny to be honest, but should be fixed regardless. Black Windows While looking at the Garden District from Wellington itself, windows in the distance all appear solid black. Might have something to do with the lights, but I didn't see it at all in Wellington alone. Floating Bridge The bridges are new, so this is to be expected, but they tend to float slightly above the ground. Nightstick Crash Okay this is the weirdest one. I killed a bobby on the Garden District side of a bridge (a normal door one(I used so many healing balms it's not even funny)), and equipped it fine, basking in my triumph. But when I hit q to kill some jerky wastrel, my game crashed the moment the draw animation finished. I was so sad :c But yeah. I don't know what any of this error thing means but I thought I'd report it. -------------------------------------------------------- And that's it for today! I'll do some testing again soon, but for now, this is what I got. Hopefully something here is useful information! Have a nice day.
  4. I couldn't find it anywhere! I sent an email.
  5. Hi guys! Maybe I recieved an email and missed it, but I haven't gotten a download for the new build yet. Get back to me when you can please! Have a great day.
  6. Yo guys! I was at Pax East and when I saw that you guys were making another game I was immediately hyped!! Contrast was amazing, and I absolutely can't wait to see more from you guys! I talked to a few employees (I don't remember names, sorry T_T) for a while, learned as much as I could about the game, and told all my friends about it! I was very lucky to get into the pre-alpha and I'm extremely excited to test and give feedback for this game. Some feedback/questions for now: Joy Overdose - I was wondering if you guys were planning to implement any more animations or anything to when you overdose? The butterfly is very cool! Maybe a deer? Bunny? Or maybe your character walks around and interacts with other citizens outside of your control for a few seconds? Just ideas! Overdose Exploitation - Also, I was considering the possibility of exploitation if one is lost in the city. While you do lose progress in terms of hunger/thirst, and a few days, you retain all the items you had and wind up back at your base. Technically, if you just had some water and food in your inventory, you could overdose on PURPOSE to get back to your base in order to craft items. I don't know how easy it would be to get back to the base. Bad Joy - I was curious if, like most drugs do, if joy has an expiration date? I saw in the recent newsletter that there was an old, decrepit looking town in concept art. Is that maybe an area where joy failed? Could expired joy be like... fear? I mean, it might just be shoved full of preservatives that it basically never goes bad with age. Maybe supplemented with honey! That stuff lasts eons. Also consider perhaps reverse engineering. A fear grenade! Hmm.. Wellington Wells Jobs - Do the "joyful" people of the city have jobs? I saw stores about in the demo, but none of them were interactive. If there are jobs, and people working the stores, at some point do you guys think they would be interactive? Currency - Is there any money? If there is some kind of currency, maybe the character could find it around a house, or loot it off of bodies, and use it to buy materials! Worldbuilding!- Is there a museum in Wellington Wells? A school? Somewhere where, if stumbled upon (or sought out) would explain the history of the current society (from the standpoint of whatever/whoever is running it, of course). Children - I haven't seen any kids in the demo or concept art (unless I'm missing something). Are there children in the city? Are they planned to be added? Would they be drugged with joy from the beginning? Roves of children roaming around... *shudder* They would be one real nasty enemy to deal with. All curious and touchy. A swarm of kids!! Crafting Crafting Benches - Are there going to be crafting benches anywhere in the city other than your base? Because if not, that exploit I mentioned above may be an issue. I think it would make sense for maybe garages have them? If there are cars. I don't think there are. Maybe stores, if there are any interactive ones? You could purchase something so you don't look as suspicious. Disguise - So, the grey-faced player character doesn't really visually fit at all in the city! I know this is absolutely on purpose, but- what if- you could make/buy a mask, or new clothes, and equip them, to blend in a bit easier? That's all I can think of immediately. I'll add more questions/feedback as I think of more. I don't mind at all if some questions can't be answered due to uncertainty/secrecy. I get it Thanks! - Jiedre (Kai)