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  1. jessicamariedee

    Sneaky Kindness/Secondary Action

    Thanks, Camille! That makes a lot of sense. I was able to reduce some suspicion in my last playthrough. It turns out that I was running chicken too quick, and noping out of NPC contact too quick to initiate "Defuse Situation". I'm now waving, reading newspapers and chilling on benches like a boss.
  2. jessicamariedee

    Sneaky Kindness/Secondary Action

    I see what you mean, Otherbuttons. Now to not panic and mouse over the crazies when stuff goes bananas.
  3. jessicamariedee

    The Kickstarter is now Live! - FAQ in here

    Backed! I couldn't live without the Uncle Jack Bluray, apparently. I thought I could, but I thought wrong.
  4. Have the sneaky kindness actions (waving, bench chilling) been implemented in the current build? Is this the intended function of "Secondary Action"? I haven't seen much of a purpose for Secondary Action-- I played the build for several hours last night (I made it to Day 5, cleared the butcher shop and got the multi-tool) and was curious if I could wave at those nosey old ladies yet. Also: kudos to whoever animated their adorable little shuffling feet. I cracked up when I saw her coming at me... so cute, so deadly.