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  1. We put her in the trash can ironically on stream, but then y'know, turned out she's actual trash. @Iris_Lockspur ooo that's a really good idea! if anyone tries that, please do report back.
  2. To be fair, when they swear at me even I wack em one- and I'm used to me being an asshole. Most of it's actually up on my Hitbox if you ever want to check it out. [Part 1], [Part 2], & [Part 3]. ♥
  3. Although I know it's not the same, as someone who almost certainly has aspergers, and also has multiple autistic friends, I'm so happy to hear there's going to be an autistic character in a game, and especially one who's being taken care of by the narrator. I find people are always trying to guess if a character is autistic, but for there to be one that just downright is is a really nice change. AKA Thank you. ♥ Also on another note: you can't hide the alter of the yam from us! how can we survive without a diety to praise? ;-;
  4. Amusingly, nothing... Yet I still have a sense that one day it's going to snap and kill my family.
  5. A PS2 game called Dark Chronicle. I still remember the day we picked up the PS2 for Christmas, and mum told me 'one game'. I still remember the layout of the store, finding the game, getting so excited over the 'RPG' (it was a dungeon crawler but I didn't know the difference) and 'Sims' elements of it. I rushed to my mum, told her I needed this, and then badgered her the entire way back if I could play it before Christmas (I think this was early November, so it was a hell of a wait for a kid). I don't think I got to play it early, but let me tell you that game hit me like a ton of bricks. It was so fun, had an amazing story, and it just filled me with a sense of glee. I've literally just found out it's got a PS4 remake, so if you have a PS4 please do check it out. ♥ @Stephanie 'World of Illusion' ... omg there was another Castle of Illusion game? i- i need to play this. Also getting the 'move on' option in Pokémon Pinball three times and getting to the difficult areas was the best feeling as a kid.
  6. that second one's gonna give me nightmares for months holy bugger. Amazing shots though!
  7. So the Yam is now a deity according to the recent Weekly Update. And Apples are a thing. But are you #teamyam or #teamapple? #praisetheyam team sweatpotato or yample are not a thing damnit
  8. I know there's a few of us who occasionally stream We Happy Few and WHF related streams, so I thought I'd recycle this thread into a good place for posting all those sorts of bits! Feel free to use this thread to discuss streaming the game, fun ideas for streams (challenges, perhaps), and even just post when you're going live! Also, Thank you to everyone who came into the stream the other week! It was an absolute blast and you all made it so much fun. Most of it's been saved to Hitbox: [Part 1], [Part 2], & [Part 3]. ♥
  9. No, I'm not saying many, many adult themes make it better, I'm saying it doesn't take away from it either. You seem convinced it does. ... Mate, have you been to England? We swore then and we swear now. A lot. Swearing happens everywhere. Swearing's been around for centuries, it's just thanks to society and up-turned ways that it's seen as a bad thing. In fact here's how I feel about it, as explained by Britain's National Treasure: . We Happy Few is actually set in the 1960s, not 40s, but here's an excerpt from a site that lists some examples of 'ON Air' swearing. I've listed since the beginning of the 1900s to just after the decade set for this example: 1900 Shot by an anarchist while standing on a Brussels railway station, The Prince of Wales utters the immortal words, “Fuck it, I’ve taken a bullet." 1936 Music hall comedian Hector Thaxter becomes the first man to say “Arse” on the radio. 1947 After cutting food rations as part of a new economic drive, Chancellor Hugh Dalton is accosted by a beggar in the street who says, “You bloody bastard! What am I meant to do, eat shit?” 1957 Interviewed live on BBC News, a British teddy boy is asked his opinion of Bill Haley. He replies, “Haley? I wouldn't piss on him if he went up in flames. I’m an Elvis man meself.” 1965 Appearing on a late night live satire programme called BBC3, Kenneth Tynan becomes the first man to say “Fuck” on TV. A national fit of apoplexy follows with one Tory MP suggesting that Tynan should hang! 1967 After watching an episode of "Till Death Us Do Part" that includes 44 uses of the word “BLOODY”, Mary Whitehouse fumes, “This is the end of civilisation as we know it” 1969 Buzz Aldrin becomes the first man to swear on the moon “Bloody hell,” he tells Neil Armstrong, “I’ve just taken a shit in my space suit” 1972 Oxford English Dictionary includes the words “FUCK” and “CUNT” for the first time. The National Campaign for Real Swearing issues a statement which reads: “We’d be a bunch of lying cunts if we didn’t say that we were totally fucking delighted” Being desensitized leads to less prudish views on the world, in my opinion. I have in fact read the 'About Us' section, in fact I've read the entire website and followed them quite closely for months, and you know what I've found? They're fun and innovative. I've played the game, in fact I've voiced lines for the game and yes there's swearing and violence, but there's also reason behind it, emotion, purpose. Swearing isn't hollow, blood isn't illogical. Genericness isn't caused by a simple addition of mature rated themes, genericness is something that is the same as everything else. But single things like mature content don't make it generic- I mean, are we all generic because we've all got skin and blood? No. And this game isn't generic just because it works with real content.
  10. They're going into adult themes as mentioned, themes that happen in real life. You know what also happens in real life? People bleed. I personally feel- and this is all my own personal views- that if I were to try and get immersed into a world that deals with such themes, and I was to bash someone's head in and for it to not do what it's meant to- bleed- it would break that. It would take away from the game, and to me (and I know other folk too) immersion is very important. You know what else has been a hit with blood in? the Halo series Call of Duty the Bioshock series Resident Evil series Mortal Kombat series Tomb Raider series Most recent Telltale games the Grand Theft Auto series the Witcher 3 (which is currently one of the most awarded games of all time) You've probably heard of most if not all of these games, because they're extremely successful, and you know what they have? Blood, violence, and many, many adult themes. I've heard of five on your list, because they were cult classics that- in my opinion- attracted far too many underage players that actually game some of the fandoms/games a bad reputation (the FNaF and Slender fandoms being the ones notorious here). Less people may buy it, sure, but quality over quantity and ratings are there to keep the right age audience viewing it. So basically, please cite your claim of 'More people will buy this', because I'm pretty sure if you put the sales of your list against mine, mine would win. Anyone with me? (Also tons of people brought Firewatch and the only complaints I've read is it was too short, but past that it was an absolutely glorious game.)
  11. What Hidude said. There's tons of stuff in game so far that points to the lack of children being a big plot point (perhaps what made them take Joy in the first place, who knows?). A few of the Wastrellette lines in game also hit along the kid-related lines, as do the scribbles on the walls. It's super exciting to try and figure out. ♥
  12. I was meant to get a 'There's butterflies in my stomach, 'cause I'm overdosing on your love' card, but I've been so busy. Happy late Valentines to y'all anyhow! A day to love everyone, not just romantically. ♥
  13. I did this for fun (and because I missed drawing WHF), based on the joke 'tag yourself' meme going around tumblr right now. If anyone wants to use them, here are the icon versions too:
  14. When I first opened up the game and saw 'Wakey Wakey' mode, the amount of joy I felt... it's gonna be so nice not having to start over a million times. ;u; i'm so bad at this game.
  15. @JamesGoblin ooo which mmos? I haven't been up to date on any new ones. I've personally gotten into World of Warcraft. I also have a gaming PC now so I can actually play We Happy Few and intend to live on that in my spare time. ;D
  16. As someone who just got a PC that can do the same, oh my god seconding. Especially with the recent update. I haven't played it properly yet but I've ghosted around to cry a little bit over how pretty it is.
  17. An absolute blast was had.~ Also we're getting the option to buy those background arts as posters right? Because I want those framed on my wall oh my god. ♥ (actually I just realized you uploaded the full res versions... Are you against us printing them out for ourselves? ;u; i mean if you do ever sell them I'll buy the actual versions) also also: New Wastrel models! ♥ Guess the 'Noticed we all look the same?' line's scrapped then. ;D
  18. @Stephanie Not recently, I mean I pop in the chat occasionally but there's rarely a soul about. then again i've been spending a lot of my time off WoW and on Warcraft I'll make you a mod since you're compulsion team. 8>
  19. Unfortunately I have a feeling you may have just missed it. Until recently there was the BackerKit, however that was closed. But perhaps the devs have other ways of donations or?
  20. @Alex Holy crap, so I wasn't wrong in thinking the train station is modelled on Bristol Temple Meads? It looks really similar.
  21. @Bgp157 All I did was copy over the specs it told me. I'm not tech smart outside of using programs, so I have no clue.
  22. I retaliate with cute sausage dog! 8D Happy New Year to you too! ♥ And to everyone!
  23. I did try back in the beginning, but unfortunately my laptop couldn't even handle Unreal. I'm glad to know all of my attempted snooping would have resulted in nothing. ;u; But seriously, being able to look into all the game files would be so cool. Models and music and stuff oh my. ♥
  24. That'll just be the credits name I believe. 8> I don't even think naming an NPC was a tier, and if it was it'd be one of the thousands of dollars ones I imagine.
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