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  1. I know a few others that have been asking me this too, and It'd be nice to give them the current release idea. I'm personally all for pushing it back and getting a fully working game instead of all this 'day one' patch fad (as much as it pains me to wait that long for the story).
  2. I found putting the gamma bar up helps with that stream-darkness, but even then I personally had trouble with it too, so seconding that one.
  3. @Naila you amazing person, you! It'll be so nice to have a whole subforum to post fan-bits. We don't have to limit it to one thread/clutter the general. ♥ ( aka i can clutter the sub forum instead ;D)
  4. @Horrorshow Your style screams 90s Cartoon Network and I love it! These are brilliant.
  5. @Iris_Lockspur i'm gonna just... ship you to england and settle you down with nice internet and we happy few, k? It sucks your internet is so bad. D8
  6. There's word of @Lucigen streaming again at 7pm EST this Sunday! Luci's streams are always really fun and challenging and he can actually play the game (unlike me haha) so check it out at twitch.tv/lucigen if you can.
  7. @Iris_Lockspur Archer is going to be one of the wildest rides you've had with animation let me tell you. I did the same thing- casually tried it on Netflix and a week later I'd watched every season and was pining for more. ;u; (also Cyril is my waifu) I thought that was a really good cosplayer at first but oh my gosh you got to meet her. ♥
  8. Send help, I've lost my life to Stardew Valley.
  9. It's such an interesting element to explore! A few other things spring to mind, such as Torchwood: Children of Earth, too. Aaa I know I say it a lot but I'm just so excited for the story for this game. ♥
  10. Well, the kid thing is obvious at this point especially considering the hangparent's attic in one of the updates. But I'm so happy they don't seem to be shying away from using the element of children in storytelling with dark themes. I find a lot of people shy away from it because 'oh no not the children' and i'm just sitting here holding onto books like Coraline and movies like Pan's Labyrinth, grinning.
  11. They're like the slightly annoying friend that you have- like, you love them and all, but bless their tiny souls they're not so bright. Honestly I'm finding WHF is balancing the 'barks that do your nut in' quite well though. There's enough randomization in the lines that it doesn't repeat that much, it's just in situations there are more than two of 'em and then well... you're going to be hearing about how they 'want them to stop screaming, that's all'. ... I think that screaming line just clicked with what it means. but it's to do with stuff I learnt in confidence. drat.
  12. Here's one of the ruined house layouts in the Garden District. I'm studying locations in game right now for my final project, so I thought I'd share some of the reference shots I've been taking as they're really handy for art references. (Open it in new tab for the larger one)
  13. Oh nooo I've never heard that line! D8 Now I'm really sad. I'm usually anti-Wastrel-killing, but I die so quick when I don't hurt them. I also get hella spooked by them constantly and punch them out of fear. >n> Oh my god so- there's a part in my playthrough from the other night where I put on a fancy suit. I regretted it. I love those Wastrels, but oh my god are they annoying when they're acting like seagulls.
  14. @Iris_Lockspur Considering the devs keep posting pictures of Wastrels burying holes, they're definitely burying something. Who knows? The Wastrel lines are super cool though. Assuming they remember what the Wastrels don't, it sounds like any story hints we can get will be from those barks.
  15. Oh i've just realized- "My side effects. Well there's a big one we don't mention isn't there?" I forgot to mention last time that one's actually: "Mind the Side Effects, they said! Well, there's a big one we don't mention, isn't there?" And "You can't eat the gardenias, you can't eat the petunias" to add new content to the thread.
  16. I swear he only keeps getting more talented. I'd never have guessed. *o*
  17. I just really love the butterfly reference in there toooo. The new Scribblenauts games have gotten super customizable looks like. 8O
  18. The fog comes at night. eee gas masks mean the fog's probably dangerous. but where does the fog come from? that's the answer to everything I bet.♥ /scarpers off to make farfetched conspiracy theories
  19. that 'The Shining' reference... oh my god. Also the electro baton looks like a retro-futuristic magical girl wand and now i want one.
  20. I leave you with this: 'It's wrong and society knows that.' At one point society also thought that blacks having any power was wrong and that being homophobic was wrong. Times change. All's been said that I can say anyhow tbh.
  21. I do, too, apologize if I came off a little annoyed. I was more just trying to get an opinion across, same as you. I only actually replied to this in the first place because- as you've apologized for- it did seem a little rude to force your beliefs on Compulsion without any cited research or academic backing up- and that can make all the difference in a case like this. But you say to me that I'm forcing an opinion on you to 'get with the times', however that is literally all this thread has been: you trying to force Compulsion to adhere to your beliefs. beliefs that they may not share with you. And there's a difference between going 'have you considered?' and opening up this whole can of eggs with threatening that people won't play it and having zero fact to back that up. You say ' I will not change my beliefs to something corrupt simply because it's 'with the times.' then why should Compulsion do the same to get with one or two people who have different beliefs? I've often heard the whole point of Indie compared to Triple AAA is that we don't have to stick to these big ol' 'we need stuff that SELLS. MONEY MONEY MONEY' rules, where-as you're making that out to be the reason for change here. In the fact that the only way to argue back is to hit their same notes, so I too ask you to please hear me out and see my side. We can agree to disagree- I'm fine with that- but the hypocrisy here is quite alarming.
  22. Can we make 'Trashcan Tossing' a community game? There's a lot of fun in throwing bodies in this game, so having a target opens possibilities. ;D
  23. So my questions still stands... Would you play the game if it were rated T and there were no F-Bombs? Then why does it HAVE to be Rated M? Yes. Just as I would play a game if it were M rated and had F-bombs. So why does it HAVE to be Rated T? Most people have generally adapted to not being stuck-up about swearing these days, perhaps it's the moment to 'get with the times' as they say? Also, literally everything that @Iris_Lockspur said. That was very beautifully written.
  24. @Iris_Lockspur I've had a look at it and unfortunately there's no way to make it lower quality, and Hitbox gives me no option to download it. I'm sorry. 8<
  25. aa thank you! I hope you like it.~ Of course! Any sort of Let's Plays are a-okay. ♥
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