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  1. this gal's gettin' everywhere. When you've gotten to that point that WHF has snuck into your End of Degree summer show haha. i need to draw actual fanart again and not ocs.
  2. @Naila Go for it, but please mention it's an old draft. ;u; the stickmen aren't up to scratch lmao
  3. so i just had to cut out two thirds of what i already had because it didn't work. It needs a lot of working that make it followable by even those who don't know the canon, so Joy signage, things that insinuate Doctors and stuff. There were parts that just didn't fit whatsoever too, so they've been scrapped. Which means it's really different from the first draft, so I can show you guys the rough thing from the last take. Also an offering as it definitely isn't going to be finished by the Summer Show thanks to this big setback. ;-;
  4. I haven't posted anything in ages, so I thought I'd share with you some sketchbook pages that went up on my Patreon ages ago. If you ignore the unrelated outer doodles, you might just see the faded thumbnails from the pre-kickstarter fanart competition last year. I was drawing these on the way back from MCM Expo I think? Or somewhere up in London, because I remember being on the Megabus and seeing a sign directed to 'Wellington'; cue a little shifty eyes at the fourth wall. This was also back when Arthur was the only announced character (I think he was barely even announced too? I just stalked the video footage) and there was really little to work with, so I had to make do. (I still want to do the 'We Unhappy Few' one). Very early character design and story-plotting for 'What They've Lost'. Further character design and hair stylings. I knew I wanted her to be close enough to the Wellies in the game, but I wanted her to have stylings that weren't in the game too as to dignify her as her own main character. And lastly, some storyboard sketches from the beginning of the project. All the scenes pictured arew still in but there was quite a bit of refiddling. In really cool news, I might be finishing the animatic this week. Since it was one of my final degree projects, I want to have it playing at my Summer Show opening night. So if I can get it finished, it'll be silently on loop on my ipad for everyone to see. ♥ spread that WHF love to erryone aww yeah.
  5. Yeah, I personally had to set my keyboard layout to let me use the United States keyboard. If you go into your language settings you can set it to appear, then change it on the toolbar where it says 'ENG'.
  6. I feel like there's something in the lighting that makes it too contrasted and dark in the middle, especially with the red light piercing it. Perhaps ease it up a little? Or smooth it into one another a little more gradually. The actual models themselves look gorgeous though! I'm impressed. also i feel like it wouldn't be a We Happy Few drink unless it made you high... joking though, please don't put drugs in it. Perhaps you could do that cool colour mixing thing where the drink resembles the rainbow road? That would look so damn cool. Something fruity and pleasant to drink?
  7. @Aaron0562 As mentioned above, it's Julian Casey, AKA Uncle Jack. 8>
  8. Annnd she's finished: Eleanor Green. Unfortunately the animatic itself will not be finished by my deadline on Friday, because I want to get it to a point I'm happy with before I make it public. u_u I'd rather not release something I'm just not at peace with yet. @Naila the answer to that is: the hopes and dreams of children fuel me
  9. Since this seems like a good place, I was wondering if could extend the portfolio advice and the same questions TeaWolf had to @Whitney and- if they're on the forums- the other artists too? I'm already starting a tiny indie studio job next month and finishing my degree this month, in which I'll be leaving to do character design, world building, and storyboards. So if anyone's got any advice for things to keep in mind when entering the industry, I'd be hugely grateful. ♥
  10. That first image makes Whitney look like a serial killer obsessed with bubble wrap, just sayin'. Also is the the hotel you stayed in because omg that's gorgeous. and seriously that booth design is so minimalistic and I'm in love... well, with both that and all the new art I've seen dotted around twitter from the show. ♥
  11. I just saw your reply- aw thank you! And I'm so happy to see all of these coloured.
  12. I posted this a few weeks back on my Patreon, but here's some sketch frames from the unfinished animatic. All characters/poses were drawn from scratch, whilst the backgrounds on the complicated ones were found in game and loosely traced for accuracy, since I wanted to keep it as close to the game as possible.
  13. @iris_lockspur i envy your collections so bad oh my god Seriously that's some impressive collecting! Especially on the retro front. ♥
  14. Seriously, every screenshot you post makes me squeel with glee. I need all of them as my wallpapers forever. I'm guessing you have a PC that can run We Happy Few then? So when you get access to it you can take your own shots and grace us with more gorgeous things? ;u;
  15. Stream Saturday on my Hitbox is going to be me working on the animatic this week, so tune in later if you're about and want to nerd out about WHF. ♥ Edit: the recording is over here. Thanks to everyone that watched!
  16. I love that she's holding up American McGee's Alice's dress. Just need one where she's wearing it now. 8D I know I've said it before, but I seriously love how Cartoon-Network-y your style is. ♥
  17. @iris_lockspur oh god don't encourage him if Will finds out there's another one on the swetpotato team...
  18. @Alex The way you direct with the questions you ask is extremely helpful for a newbie to it all though. I'm used to people going 'more sad!' or really generic things, but you ask the right stuff that makes you really think what it would be like in that situation. 8> also on the bug report- the mental image of wacking a bee-hive and a ton of boxes just appearing out of it is hilarious to me. Have fun at PAX, guys! Bring lots of new people to the fandom. ♥
  19. This is Eleanor, a character for the final project fan-animatic I'm working on. I wanted a character that wasn't as visible as a main character, but since she's a main character of her own little story she at least needs to be more visible than the background characters; I chose to go with a different hair-style/colour/dress pattern than the already-designed Wastrels, but still stuck her with similar themes to blend in with the world. The music hasn't been 100% confirmed yet and the story changes with it due to pacing, so I'm not sure if it'll involve both her Wastrel and Wellie designs, but the Wellie design is almost done and will eventually be put next to this one. But I'm definitely trying to use an instrumental version of the Beatles' 'Eleanor Rigby' as the general feel of it is so eerie and perfect for what I want to go for. I've tried to emulate the WHF concept style to a point, but I still ultimately wanted to keep it my style and I'm sort of happy with it? I'll give it some better tweaks and such when I put the final piece with both together. @Iris_Lockspur There's some amazing tutorials online for watercolours. I'm self-taught by just playing with it and I'd highly suggest it. And thank you to both you and @Naila for the compliments. ♥ I'm really hoping I'll get around to working on that one. Edit: now with fixed head size because she looked like the bloody queen of hearts
  20. Here you go. Some may not work depending on the forum's limits, but a good portion of those should work. Source: i spent too much of my life on gaia online forums as a child
  21. Oh- and something newer? It's a really rough iPad sketch for something I'd like to draw when I have time. Because Beatles songs and Strawberry Fields though.
  22. Note: I've noticed my WHF fanart being posted about the net without credit, and I have a sneaking suspicion this is the source. Please don't do that, this isn't official art, I wasn't paid for it, and I put a lot of time into it. If you want to show it to people, link back to the posts. So we creative sorts have a subforum now which means I'm let loose into the streets. However I'll be nice and clean and keep a thread updated with my stuff since I like organized things. So if/when I draw/cosplay more Arthur fanart I'll post it in this thread.~ Click on the icons to get the full image Illustrations Sketches Cosplay Recordings sometime 5 months ago - Fanart - [link] 9th April - Animatic work - [link]
  23. @Naila I just find the artsy angle and go with it haha. I do also crop them to look better in photoshop and edit lighting where I have to though.
  24. The rumoured time came from the Kickstarter's 'delivery date' of goods I believe.
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