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  1. Oh my god, I come back from a long week away from the forums and you've absolutely whipped up a storm! The art is simply fantastic and aesthetically gorgeous as usual, but that cosplay. ♥ What fabrics did you use? Did you make the cosplay from scratch? Tell me us all about it's construction oh please oh please! It's turned out perfect.
  2. I am so up for that! Just gimmie a time and I'll say if it's good. I start getting shattered around 11/12pm (thanks CFS) so preferably earlier than that is good for me.
  3. I actually really want to try speedrunning Contrast soon (I've been saying it for ages, but I have a PC that can now), so hopefully I can contribute to this soon. ♥
  4. Yeah, there's not a whole lot of context on how the masks work in game from what I've researched, but they're definitely masks. They move with the face, but they're also stiff on the floor of the garden district. Right now I'm putting it down to in-game materials (like motoline), since other than latex (or perhaps silicone) there seems to be little way to make a mask do that, and even then they'd get destroyed within days.
  5. @Maxfang That wasn't a child if it's the part I'm thinking of, that was one of Arthur's co-workers. Children haven't so far been shown in game, but there's been a lot of reference to them; wall scribbles, toys, that one spoiler room in the old pre-alpha builds, Arthur's audio flashback with the giggling, the train station in general for those who have clipped into it. It's obvious that children are going to play a big part in the game, but as for being in now they're not around.
  6. At first I thought Turing was just a reference to Alan Turing, but it hit me earlier that Turing was in World War 2... so what if Turing made the traps? He died in our reality due to cyanide poisoning (debated either suicide or an accident) from an apple. But what if that didn't happen in WHF's reality, and going on from making computers he worked on other devices such as the traps? Just a little theory that I thought I'd share; not sure if @Alex is allowed to enlighten us on the matter? Bonus points if he didn't die because apples were scarce and he couldn't get his hands on one. ;D
  7. Wants? Happy pop that really captures that sixties wonder. But going by the trailer, they've got it. <3
  8. You keep my heart beating, @Nautilus. ♥
  9. Found an old Wastrel selfie. 8> I'll do the thing and edit more of the photos from last year soon, since I lost time to do them. So expect that.
  10. I love your lining style; there's something fantastic in the expressions. (also, moved this to the fan-art section.~)
  11. As someone who's been asking for the same thing, I believe they've hinted at a shop being a possibility before. Here's to hoping! I need all of it eventually.
  12. If I remember correctly, this came up a long time ago actually, like... 7 months ago or something. But yeah, they ended up announcing GoG after that which is super cool. 8>
  13. @Iris_Lockspur They cannae take it cap'n we're losin' em we're losin' the old threads
  14. @Clement That would make things so much easier than makeup haha. Although unfortunately if they don't allow for speech, I'll still have to go makeup since I'm a method cosplayer; I act whilst I'm in costume.
  15. @tec Yeah, they've been broken for a while. I think they were trying to get em fixed last I heard?
  16. Ecstatically, within four consecutive crates I got three gold skins: Hanzo Okami, Reaper Plague Doctor, & Mei's Yeti Hunter. I mean I only play none of those but they look cool. ;-; Also got Young Hanzo, Gambler MCree, and another skin that I can't for the life of me remember. Then went out and brought Widdowmaker Huntress because my bby. I'm now like 15 credits from Imp Mercy too and it's killing me. this game kills me from the soul.
  17. Did a casual test of riding crop lady, because she's fabulous. Plus I already own a genuine bowler hat and tailcoat, and god knows how many ~british stereotype clothes~. Needs a lot of editing, but I'll try and get her done for EGX so that I can just WHF Weekend it with her and the Wastrel.
  18. Well, if Pinata was an uncommon word in the 60s, that's because pinatas were uncommon. but y'know, it wasn't even a whacky-stick sweet donkey, it was a whacky-stick blood rat.
  19. Personally 'A Pinata' is a normal word imo? I mean it's not like we call them 'whacky-stick sweet donkeys'. But I agree on the others. They've been really good at correcting Americanisms though in the past, but they've done a really good job with that sort of thing.
  20. fashion goals = Arthur's boss. Then again I have a lot of love for horse riding outfits. And riding crops.
  21. As announced at E3 earlier, July 26th will be early access on Steam and Xbox Preview. So there you go, folks, we got our answer.~
  22. You may be thinking of the PAX demo, which was only available at PAX East the other week and then released to the pre-alpha players as an update. From what I know, it's not available publicly yet.
  23. We're at it again in a few hours, and if any of you remember the cosplay stream then you'll remember Cam and Soph from the discord chat. This time they're visiting from Leeds and they'll be playing on the couch with us. ♥
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