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  1. The cosplay is top-notch but oh my god all the little details in this make me giddy! ♥ Especially how you've lit up the contacts; as a brown-eyed cosplayer I understand the pain. ;-; Also, dat mask. Spot on!
  2. I imagine double posting in your own thread should be fine. ♥ I don't think there's a rule on it anyway, just don't do it ridiculously etc. (although as said, in an art thread like this, it should be totally fine). I am in love with that sketch at the end. It's got a very animated feel to it.
  3. Yooo so glad you're about on the forums; your art always makes me smile so much when I see it in the tumblr tag! ♥ I've been meaning to join a fun hour but I've not had the time. ;-; I hope to soon! Love seeing all the entries.
  4. I'll say what I always do with this: South England is still white. back then it was *way whiter*. Hell growing in the south-west in the 1990s I didn't see someone who wasn't white until I was about 13/14 and even then it was one person thanks to a foreign exchange.
  5. Yeah all of those aren't official. As Iris said, they're all stolen assets. 8/ It's a massive shame. If a store pops up, you're in for amazing quality though. The shirt they sent me is so comfortable omg.
  6. I've tried to do this multiple times but yeah they often like to realize I'm not one of them. I like the idea of joining in the mob mentality.
  7. Oh my god you're perfectly adorable!
  8. @fromthewoods Nah I just always had them. I can entirely back up that what you've said is accurate though, as when I get woken up in between falling asleep, my dreams are always way more lucid or vivid. I figure it's something to do with how awake and asleep you are perhaps/ I have Chronic Fatigue (myalgic encephalomyelitis) however so I'm often asleep not by choice/in weird states of sleep. It's always been relitively similar even before I was diagnosed, so I have a feeling it's something related to that for me.
  9. Oh no, did Faraday change again? I must know for fanart purposes. 8o Also those arches are lovely. Very Totnes.
  10. Hello!~ Unfortunately we occasionally get a problem with bots turning up, but as soon as a mod sees them we ban them. Thank you for the concern.
  11. I know it's such a tiny thing, but I'm actually in love with how you do question marks.
  12. @JackMaher If you look on page 1, we discussed quite a bit on the masks and Naila even mentioned how the live action mask was made. It's a really interesting read!~ (also unrelated, but I'm stoked you're using my fanart as an icon aaa. ♥ )
  13. @Iris_Lockspur Not as much, no. But I have had a facebook message from a friend telling me to 'Stop shouting fuck off at [him] whilst [he's] trying to break into my house'. |D Is that the rotten apple line? I don't remember recording any other foodstuff shouts. 8V
  14. I'm streaming We Happy Few in four and a half hours! Join me to watch me actually be alright at the game (for once), get in a verbal fight when my own voice tells me to fuck off, fangirl over the side characters & Arthur, fangirl in general, and spout a load of lore and theories at you. ♥ In three and a half hours @ http://www.hitbox.tv/otherbuttons
  15. The sketch for my stream tonight. I know James is cannonly gay for Roger, but damn if I don't mistress-style ship Faraday with her houseboys.
  16. It sounds like you're only taking one joy pill at a time? Or at least not enough to keep you going. You can get to a certain point before overdosing on the stuff, and that'll go down gradually.
  17. It sounds like there's something up with your download or console; have you tried reinstalling it?
  18. They're not available yet as the Compulsion team are still working on art and music for the game. No point giving out an unfinished book.~
  19. I could pick her up after I put her down, however I learnt when I came back in from outside it disappeared.
  20. 'What am I playing?' i'm a pokemon trainer now catching them is my life there is no return
  21. @marc [trashcan tossing intensifies]
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