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  1. @Adwel I'm impressed you can do that in one stream. I just get lost and end up four hours in and on the second island. ;-; hooow?
  2. It's a cheerimaboparock. They're very common, don'tchaknow.
  3. I'm holding out for at least a little something. ;u; But it'll be hard to top last year. unless they find someway to make me mildly sob out of happiness again.
  4. My life has been busy as heck, but since I work for myself now I have a bit more time for fanart and illustrating. I recently improved upon my style so I wanted to redraw some older things, including this old Arthur doodle from early 2016. Here's the new one: I changed his expression because I thought I was drawing him worried too much, but then realized I drew him brow-raised too much. ;-;
  5. @Wilson I play it every now and again over on Twitch. Trying to find a good place for it in the schedule, but it'll be occasionally on a Tuesday or Thursday.
  6. As a thing, if a mod is on the forum to see a post like this, then we generally know and delete the bots promptly. I'd personally suggest avoid posting topics on it? Since there's one every now and then and they too spam the forum. (but thanks for the thought. ♥)
  7. OVERWATCH NEW EVENT. ♥ Move over Yooka-Laylee, Blizzard's on one. Also agreeing with @iris_lockspur, Little Nightmares looks right up my alley. I definitely plan on streaming it when I get a hold of a copy.
  8. Oh gosh if there's something that Contrast proved, it's that the worlds and design that Compulsion craft are so unique, explorable, and completely encompassing. The studio is like a gold-mine for those who love fictional worlds.
  9. Praise it forever. Keep it as your guide. I am who I yam
  10. @Roscuro Oohhh wait I did that the first time. I remember now. I think I was brainfogging through the second time, so I couldn't remember the light method.
  11. I found the torch was only stunning them? Or did I not leave it on them long enough for them to scurry off?
  12. My worst fears is that this becomes the Bioshock movie: non-existent and living only in unconfirmed rumours for many, many years. ;-;
  13. I had some troubles with this back when there weren't any real knock-out mechanics and Arthur was killing people willy-nilly; since then they've added non-fatal takedowns, drugs to pull people off of their joy, and telling voice lines. Arthur definitely shows remorse for the situation now and that won me over as a nice middle ground. He's a pretty nerdy looking guy, not exactly built (despite- as we've heard a million times, Arthur- doing track and field), and he shows no signs of being a sociopathic murderer. But honestly, if you're trying to overcome a goal so great, overcoming obstacals of life and death, there's a good chance you're going to do some things you're not proud of... but there's also a chance you won't. From a player's standpoint, it's an odd plot to overcome in any game and it can be done really wrong if you try and put too much emphasis on it. Best example of wrong that I know is Lara Croft: She breaks down over killing a deer, then proceeds to murder countless people and not give a damn. The immersion is broken instantly for me, since there's no in character growth there, and the character is one of the main reasons I get attached to games. We Happy Few is a fun one though, because it's survival and optional. In a game like this, I've noticed there's a weird self-moral system- not a mechanic or anything, just between you and your conscience. I personally brought up the in-character moral issue in the past because I felt uncomfortable from a story point going on a rampage; I relate pretty heavily with some of the stuff these NPCs have to go through, and it just... felt bad? Like an artificial guilt. But on the other hand if I'm doing a stream and I'm just trying to progress to the end, it's a case of swallowing that, going 'oh it's just a game' and murdering everyone in sight for their sweet, sweet pills. For you it could be completely different. tl;dr It effects everyone so widely that I couldn't imagine you'd be able to please everyone unless you put in a moral system (think Mass Effect) that showed actual changes in the character, and that'd take a looot of resources. As beautiful insightful as watching Arthur go crazy from doing a lot of really tough shit, from a gameplay perspective it would make an already hard game even harder, and I wonder how many survival factors you can put in a game before it gets overwhelming.
  14. There are beds around Lud's Holm village too, and I believe- don't quote me on this- that ruined houses have similar-if-not-same effects as clearing out a house in Hamlyn: lock the doors and the house becomes yours. Although I have heard of people having issues with villagers spawning in even though they've fortified the place, so I'm not entirely sure it would work. But temporary safe-houses are definitely viable until you can fight off five or six wellies. An opinion to add however, I do worry the current amount of Plaguers in the station is a few too many? They just kept coming, and even on Birdwatcher mode (& a sneak Heal on the cheat console) I was having trouble getting through the wave.
  15. I'm just curious as to why it would be needed? Joy is already the main psychedelic drug that does similar if not the same (I haven't a whole lot of knowledge on DMT to go any further than that), so I'm just wondering.
  16. It's always been a bit of a problem, but a mod jumps those things as soon as we see it at least. ♥ Hopefully we can defeat them once and for all!
  17. No one's... sure yet? They're swearing it isn't an April Fools, but I feel no one wants to get excited on the 1st April it's an awful day for real news. If it is true, I'm gonna lose my shit with joy. And not the drug, we don't need happy drugs where we're going. Edit: Naila's confirmed it in a message. It's real. We can promptly Lose Our Shit now.
  18. Wheelchair! I'm curious if there's going to be a character in a wheelchair, now? Interestingly, ever since I've had to use my wheelchair more and more, the representation of the disabled in media has always stuck out to me; I find comfort in seeing characters in a wheelchair, like it glamourizes something usually avoided. It pointed out to me just how much representation is important. and the props you guys deserve with how you've been handling subjects. R.E. anautistic character, where most would go to stereotypes or straight up avoid the subject, you guys are giving it the respect and careful handling to make sure it's represented well. That means the world to the people it represents. Either way, I wish my wheelchair looked that antique and elegant ;o; it's so plain and modern wah
  19. I'm running a little late due to dinner and a builder being in our study, but 6pm UTC-ish I'll be streaming the new update!~ Now that we have an exploring mode, I can go in doing what I've always wanted: Lore exploration! I haven't played properly since before the clockwork update, so I'm going all in. ♥ there's also going to be a little voice searching, since Iris informed me my new lines are in game Keep an eye out on my twitch over the next few hours for a live notice; I'll be live as soon as I can.
  20. Haha, I found out the other day I'd be doing more voice work, so I did in fact (just) know. ;D It was a fantastic email to start off the new year. Also, forget about the doctors, that bar of soap is going to give me nightmares for weeks.
  21. @maaikiesaur Fixed it for you. You were posting the url for the page in the [img ] tags instead of the img link.
  22. @ForgingLions Well he can't exactly lead you to Wonderland- you're already high!
  23. MCM Expo (Sunday) and Halloween cosplays sorted! I'm just rewearing Wastrel because I haven't taken her out for a spin in a long time and my friends totally decided to cosplay Wellies without me even bugging them. I have the best friends. ♥ The one on the left is my partner after we went on a charity shop spree and I co-ordinated him a relitively 60s outfits to the colour specifications of a Wellie. There'll be facepaint in the final one.~
  24. In before the reference was @alex as always.~ Also the painting style of this is beautiful. The finishing grain overlay brings a really great personality to the piece.
  25. My Warcraft addiction is back on in full now I've gotten into dungeoning and have a had a lot of health downtime; been getting some pretty sweet mounts I've been grinding for too! On the side I'm also trying out Heroes of the Storm. AND of course the Overwatch event just started and I'll spiritually die without the Mercy skin... basically blizzard owns me at this point. rest in peace wallet.
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