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  1. @shmerl Perhaps the option for both? As costly as it is, it then gives the option for those who want to go all out to get the physical copy versus the digital? I've found a lot of kickstarters that do that and work it really well.
  2. This is my little sweetheart, Wheatley. He'll be four next month and was born on the first anniversary of my partner and I. ♥ He's a docile longcat tbh, and also lives up to his namesake in being a massive moron (he once jumped into a closed window to try and get into the house).
  3. An Artbook. As an illustrator with hopes of becoming a concept artist/character designer, I could legitimately (well, virtually) beg for this and I know other people could too. We Happy Few has such an interesting style to it (that colourful street design oh gosh ♥) that it would be such a shame for the art of it to not be put into a physical reference. Another thing that's always amazing is in-game items, such as posters, vinyls, weapons etc. I'd love to see something to do with Uncle Jack. And on the vinyl thing, I've noticed they've become a very popular form of promo/merch for games/film lately (I recently purchased the Octodad 7", and then there's the gorgeous Hotline Miami vinyls, and the Bioshock 2 vinyls from a bit further back...) Figures are always a way to go too (especially of the player character if he remains anything like the concept one ;D). I have to agree on watching the prices too; not all of us have money (but I'd happily give it all to this game if I had it to spare).
  4. The outfits scream 1960s as soon as you see them, and the colours/design (mixed in with the rest of the visuals/accents) feel like it can't be quite be pinned to one specific place. I personally think that's such a nice quality to have. Also it makes me want to cosplay every one of them with designs like that. 60s fashion is gorgeous (and the face-masks are eerily fabulous).
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