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  1. I haven't had chance to finish the game yet (hectic lives simply stalk the disabled), so I haven't been about the forums; but I have found time to sort out all the dead links! Sorry about that, m'dears.
  2. Nothing you do will fix it until that 8gb patch downloads, I believe. But it's on Steam to distribute that patch, and it seems to have completely missed some people. I hope so too! May the odds ever be in our favour~
  3. You seem to be having the same issue as me then, in which the patch isn't triggering. Myself and @Iris_Lockspur have been trying to trigger ours, but it's not happening. I think something's going on Steam's side unfortunately. I imagine it'll turn up soon.
  4. @guest delphian: Do you have the full 10gigs or so of patch? There's a chance you only have the 2gb download if it's doing that.
  5. Try downloading the recent 8GB patch. We're not certain if it'll fix it yet, but the hope's there. Edit: this is working for others. Please make sure you have that patch.
  6. It seems to be a common problem right now for those coming in from Early Access. Another big patch has just hit for Steam, which may fix the problem. I'm wondering if Steam just hadn't sent out the full game yet.
  7. I'm really glad that their government are considering context in these situations. It can get quite foggy without it.
  8. I mean- from what we know- it could work in theory? Each flavour seems to be a different option, and certain flavours don't work for certain people, implying they're likely chemically different. But it wouldn't make logical sense, as that's not the outcome they're looking for; the goal is to make Joy, and Joy is Joy. What a joy.~ It would be quite fabulous to see different effects though. I can't remember if it's the case, but I thought there were pills in game that were slightly different... Then again I might just be thinking about Sunshine. I forget.
  9. For an update, you might be interested in this post.
  10. Oh! I saw pictures of you the other day. I got really excited that you'd picked out Faraday instead of a random wellie. I'm sad I don't get to go to MCM now, since I get to miss all the fantastic WHF cosplayers. ;o; Hope you had fun!
  11. I'm a big fan of the cut-into-past memories sort of thing, and the music fades were really nice! I liked it.~
  12. I know this is an older thread, but I thought I'd chime in with the 'Spirit of Halloween' merch too. Female Mask Male Mask Cricket Bat (albeit sold out) And of course the Collector's Edition. Since it doesn't contain the game, it's basically a Merch Chest:
  13. I'm not sure why you've copy-pasted from a years-old article, but it certainly brings nostalgia. ... if you can count good feelings for something a few years old as nostalgia anyway.
  14. Otherbuttons


    Printing is a weird one, since most will go off and do it anyway. So I just want to pop in here and say thank you for asking them first (most don't bother asking at all).
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