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  1. here some ideas I had, some already mentioned but tweaked a bit: - posters are great, BUT hand numbered/signed screen prints are better, and for the money seem more worth it to me - if you do make a physical soundtrack, CD's are cheaper and have a faster turn around, HOWEVER vinyl is great, but expect higher prices on manufacturing and an even higher turn around rate. - the JOY bottles are simply a great idea, maybe a set shot glasses?? something to really show off the JOY in the world - if you go the figure route, it could be amazing, figures would be pretty fantasitc - are there any characters that have jobs that require button up work shirts? maybe something from one of the in game businesses along those lines. - cricket bat with engravings/symbols/mottos from the game. signed/hand numbered - set of post cards from wellington - between 10-18. can double as small art prints - art book w/ all basic instructions from the game (how to spot a downer, hygiene, etc etc etc) in an older 50's looking font set in a leather book w/ embossing in the cover. all hand numbered and signed by team members, artists or something along those lines - some of the masks/facial coverings w/ screen print - shirts w/ characters/mottos from the game. short or long sleeve, maybe even hoodies. if there is a possibility of this coming to console, give them the option to get the game w/ all DLC coming to it for free, console games get hit the worst for DLC for various reasons (retail stores, trade ins, lack of continued interest due to "the new big thing out now" syndrome I see). that kind of donation would also increase visibility for the game, independent games are growing and this could be something huge for the movement.
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