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  1. I would absolutely back if OS was an option and not just a stretch goal. Then again, I'd also back if WHF was released for PS3/PS4. I like the idea of creating a few Joy bottle replicas as a reward. Perhaps a concept art poster signed by the entire development team/artists would be a good reward too. As a high level reward, I think it would be cool to allow backers to have a small figurine/model made of them in We Happy Few art style. I wouldn't allow more than 5-10 backers for that tier though, could create a lot of work for the artists involved if a lot of people would invest in that reward, maybe it would be better to allow backers to send a picture of themselves and have the artists recreate it in the WHF art style instead? Besides that, I think it would be AWESOME if you had a reward package that included a physical copy of the game with a large map of Wellington Wells included as well. Game art is always a popular reward option for video game kickstarter campaigns.
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