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  1. Well its been way too long since I've done this, and I'm still pretty out of the loop but some things I ran into (not literally) - I think if you do the ghost of the girl with the car quest, and walk her over before you get a shovel you can't dig once you get your shovel - you can steal character upgrades while folsk are looking at you without drawing NPC aggro - my Yam encounter twice spawned with no enemies, and the voice over still played which was rather surreal - if you hit vomiting ralph by accident during the fight and go to talk to him, his quest line seems to be replaced w ith something salty - I was watching a fight and after it dispersed someone sat directly in my body feelshollowman Feels good to play again, a lot of massive improvements from last time, I'll do a better test next time!
  2. Oh yea, i can't read @fromthewoods. Honestly I think it makes sense for you to get a bit stronger, I mean you went from being drugged up and eating rancid meat to eating jerky and carrots and YAMS, and you aren't on drugs. I think it makes sense for you to be a little more powerful but I do think the game is a bit too easy right now. I think you need the books and gadgets to make you feel stronger, but maybe they can use hooks in the story to have points where the world around you also gets stronger. There are probably opportunities for effective "de-leveling" without making the player feel useless. Good thought though, might be worth bringing up to @Naila and the team
  3. @Kala_Chess I'll work on this and post it up this week to help out. That's a great idea
  4. For the record this man is called "The Doctor" and we should all be terrified of him. He's been in a couple of the trailers and he's in the prologue of the game as well
  5. Everyone here got it, but I'd like to emphasize just to the community that there are multiple ways of playing this game, you don't have to just kill them all. @Shibou has a great idea, you can try sneaking (which I've done successfully), you can create other distractions... be creative!
  6. Agree, they are aware of this though, and so I'd expect some improved coordination particularly between the journal and the map (and thereby your direction) in the next patch or 2.
  7. I recommend fighting them with a tear gas grenade. It disables them from attacking and allows easy charged headshots, as well as doing damage. Definitely don't fight them straight up though, that'll go real bad
  8. @Babbleplay - yea I think it is pretty different, but I think it makes sense narratively. Arthus is just a guy who redacts articles, and the course of the game isn't very long from an in-world standpoint. You are only playing the game for a couple days in the game world, so I don't think it would make a lot of sense for him to "level up" @fromthewoods honestly, imo if you are playing the game well, you should be GAINING effective strength from a journal/item/knowledge standpoint. Usually when I play I get more and more aggressive as I have more tools to fight/disengage, as opposed to getting weaker. Takes some practice, but its very possible to do
  9. First I just want to say this game has come miles in terms of how dense it feels. Great job guys, the world is starting to really feel alive, particularly the garden district which has step changed from mere annoyance to very interesting. So after about 5 hours of play a couple specific things and a couple general things: - Strange House: being forced to stealth and open doors seems like an odd decision. The first time i tried it I lockpicked a door and immediately got spotted and lost. The second time I did the same door and then peeked around the corner with the same result. Without any other stealth mechanics in the game, I find this situation frustrating (like stealth lean or keyhole) as it feels random whether someone is lookig at the door I open, and then insta lose - Yam: I like this one, but people need to be a little more alert, i choked out people on the way up the path and then choked people around the back of the circle without anyone noticing, leaving me with an easy 3v1. Also the wood door doesn't open for me but I can walk thorugh it - Valve: I'm having a brain fart but the guy who wanted the valve so I could talk to the scientist lady ate my valve without progressing the quest - Scavenging Device: is this actually in the game because I could NOT find it. I don't want to know where, just if it's actually in there. - polarizing devices would be great if they stacked General - I had a lot of trouble with the map in this build. Things I expected to see on the map weren't there, and vice versa. I also had a hard time coordinating between my journal and the map - this may be related, but I found myself feeling like I ran into dead ends. I couldnt see the door for the body rubber club despite being their at night in my rubber (didn't have weapon, didn't see how I could find it), couldnt find scav device recipe, blood in streets ended in metal door... Granted I didnt take the time to do everything in the wastrel area, but it was frustrating to not feel like there was any way to trace back to what I needed to go back to to figure out what I needed to do. I reserve the right to retract this comment as I play more - I like the swarm effect of the people, but I had a pretty easy time fighting bobbies. Took out the 3 red guys in cuttys with just a baton and smoke nade, while cutty shopkeep watched onwards (i was hoping to get him to open his door). I expected the red guys to be brutal but they were like 2-3 charged shots to the head, which is easy while they are coughing. Maybe cough bombs just OP - I like the addition of currency, but I think figuring out what you can sell in your inventory for != 0 gold is still difficult Maybe in that screen like a green outline for things that are sell-able? I'll add in more comments as I find them, but overall it "feels" a lot better than it ever has. Oh and give whoever did the light effects a raise, I love the shafts of light pouring through the trees as the sun rises and sets. Actually just give them the salary of whoever put in the plague. I figured out how to solve that after I died the first time. RIP lol
  10. Ill jump in here because after E3 I have many thoughts on this. I'm also psyched on Uncharted, although I'm forcing myself to play through the first 3 before I get my copy of #4, so far I'm on 2.... (I played 2 a long time ago, finsihed 1 for the first time and have never played 3). Buuuut NO MAN'S SKY! That game looks epic! And livelock, because apparently Canadian devs are best devs Also to a lesser extend Battlefield One. I played BF2142 and BC2 in clans competitively, but got tired of all the new fancy things around Bf3. Looking for a return to normalcy. Also Destiny2, whenever its announced, which will hopefully fix all the competitive PvP problems (and frankly many of the PvE problems) of everyone's favorite Destiny. Horizon is way out in the future, but it looks cool, also to just rattle off a couple more outlast 2, superhot, dishonored 2, inside... I'm going to be poor before the end of the year lol
  11. Hey guys, so I had a lot of fun putting up my recent WHF video, and given that the game will come out in just a few weeks, I was thinking I'd put up a couple other videos. I thought a cool option would be getting some people from the community together on a voice chat, and talking about the plot. Focusing first on what we know, and then some of the speculation we/others in the community have had. I think it would be best if we kept it short, but if you have a good mic setup and are interested in recording something we me let me know. I'm really hoping to find interest and a reasonable time for at least @otherbuttons to join in
  12. I've never actually played Contrast yet, and I've been running out of ideas on my weekly WHF stream. Hmmm maybe Ill give it a shot this week and see how it goes. Speedrunning it might be fun though, GDQ is very inspiring
  13. Hey guys, I usually stream but I decided to start building a youtube channel that will, at least at first, be largely dedicated to We Happy Few (maybe some other Indie games... I want to play livelock so much!) Anyway I put up my first video which is just a kind of silly montage of some of the more goofy fun things you can do in the game right now. I would appreciate any and all feedback! Thanks <3
  14. So I know we've had this one for a while, but after playing it off stream a bit, I discovered some things that I'd like to point out! - Molotov Cocktails have heavy artifacting on my build on the original explosion. I'm running maxed settings with a GTX 970 - You can jump up onto the roof of several buildings in the wastrel area. If this is intended, may want to adjust collision detection with the art model - I believe if you land on the head of someone it negates fall damage. This may not be worth fixing but it would be fun if you could knock them over when landing on them - Inventory swapping around is better, I'm not sure its working on the 6 cube weapons though - I think personally that when you throw a grenade of any kind, it always goes higher than I expect (when not locked on to anyone) - Berserk grenades seem to be somewhat unreliable in terms of who gets aggro'd. It seems to be me most of the time - Occasionally some very odd behavior of the bobbies at night, where they run straight by me to stare at the ground, usually under one of the uncle jack screens for some reason. Haven't figured out exactly what is going on there Cheers guys
  15. I'm a month late on seeing this but I'm going to respond anyway. But first, LOL Bobettess with skirts careful they might trip while they go full Linebacker mode on your face! Anyway, I talked to @Marc about this at PAX East, and I think we agreed that at this point it doesn't make sense to add. I would say if hiding is still used and in the game right before release, they know they need to make an animation for crawling under and a 2nd for if it gets cancelled, but right now there's so much other stuff to work on it just doesn't make sense to fix. That being said, the king of the hill mode where you stand on the circular beds and can fight anyone because they won't jump up... that's maybe more of a problem!
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