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  1. From what I have heard and seen, the team is trying to develop a feeling of paranoia... Which had me reminiscing of the old-school role-playing game Paranoia.... So, it would be awesome to have secret factions all working at cross purposes! Possibly at the start of the game you could be randomly assigned to a faction. Maybe use secret signals, whistles, or phrases to contact other agents (but obvious signs might draw too much attention...) In this way the re-playability is enhanced as different factions may have different strengths, weaknesses and endgames. Thus the game can also have some branching side-missions, and help to guide player action/provide motivation...and increase the paranoia. Who do you trust?
  2. Great ideas! The lack of children was brought into sharp relief in some of the videos I saw online. In one or two I saw a creepy looking "robot" that was about child size, but didn't walk...it was just gliding over the ground. (Now it could have just been a place-holder asset, but I liked it...) I was thinking along the same lines - maybe all the children have been taken hostage. Or are being "re-educated"... And thus, as you said Pandora, why people could be so aggressive with a Downer; their kids are at risk. So many cool ways this game could go!
  3. Hi Compulsion folk! I saw the first trailer for this a few weeks ago thanks to RockPaperShotgun, and more today via Kotaku and a few other YouTube videos. It is looking really interesting. I love the art style and the ideas...this looks like a really interesting game. I'll be buzzing in the ears of all my friends about it! So - do you have plans for a thread for ideas? Wishes? Pie-in-the-sky dreams?
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