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  1. Thanks @Def that helps me understand the plans. @Guillaume I feel the game has a Bioshock feel upon the game, similar to rapture everyone has fallen under the effects of something in this case it's the happy drugs, Hearing that the game is about survival and crafting was interesting, I hope to see much more narrative and story to why they are all like this and really why the main character wants to escape all this. The vibrate colour and feel of the 1960's will be a great mix in my option for this type of game as it's not something that is usually out there, the characters have a lovely qwerky look and stray the streets in a ordinary fashion. Some suggestions to it perhaps, would be having the people in the world do a daily job if they don't already. As I can see so far everything I have seen I am happy with so far and I am sure many others are. It's got a good vibe so far and I really look forward to future updates on this game.
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