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  1. I think the game should have a focus somewhere on stealth rather than combat and numerous enemy types. By all means variants of happy-hyped guys n' dolls who'll try and glomp you into a coma if you do so much as tilt your lips downwards, but a lot can be said for nuance, and it'd be great to see a game that has a clear distinction separating it from other survival games with something as awesome as social mechanics. And to be a little clearer on the enemies point I'd like to see some armed enemies, but I think the dystopian effect is even greater when they're less common, it gives you something to worry about while you search for food and sanity, the occasional agent with a gun or a man in black who just wants "a quiet word". And definitely a way to go "behind the scenes" to see what's really going on. Also on the subject of what's really going on it'd be great to have at least one segment of the game where you go to a doctor's office for help, the doctor seeming like the same doped up happy fiend as the rest of the country, but as you sit down in his office to recieve medical attention he sticks you with the drug everyone's on and you're stuck listening to really happy 60s music in your head while the world suddenly gets brighter and more bloomy. Obviously you don't lose because of this, but because you know about what this drug does to people you get freaked out but can't help but smile, it'd be awesome to hear your character laughing as they walk around, an emotional prisoner in their own body. This could make a great "unbreakable blending" mechanic too, you find the drug, you take it only occasionally when you really need to remain incognito in a crowd, and as they say laughter is infectious, so everyone around you starts laughing with you. This would be balanced because obviously you don't want to have a freaky visual effect and loud music deafening you, or to be listening to the laughter of people who your instincts tell you are psychopaths. Just my initial thoughts on the game and things that could go well in it.
  2. I would have LOVED to play the demo of this. This is pretty much the epitome of a gaming concept in my eyes, love that era, love the idea of social-based stealth, just everything I've seen of this game appeals so damn much. Looking forward to its release.
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