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  1. shmerl

    The Linux version of We Happy Few

    Why is Linux release taking so long really?
  2. shmerl

    The Linux version of We Happy Few

    Can you please provide some developer update about the progress of the Linux version? We got just one of those from Maarten and nothing since then.
  3. shmerl

    The Linux version of We Happy Few

    Now that Windows release is out, is there any rough ETA when Linux release will be ready?
  4. shmerl

    What are you playing right now?

    Desperados, native Linux release. Never played this game before and it's quite difficult but fun. Next in the list - Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun.
  5. shmerl

    Future direction of Compulsion Games?

    Thanks. I'll wait for more info on 2-3 then. There are a couple of DRM-free Linux games published by MS (Dust Elysian Tail and Mark of the Ninja both list Microsoft Studios as a publisher), but in general they look more like exception to the rule. I hope you'll have some say in that and will continue DRM-free Linux releases.
  6. Dear Compulsion, most probably have already heard the unexpected news, that you became a part of MS studios, together with several other innovative game makers. I'm glad you clarified, that you still plan to release We Happy Few for Linux DRM-free. Do you know what will be your future approach and direction? To be honest, I have little trust that MS can do the right thing and not mess things up, since they are known for their lock-in and exclusivity attitude. So may be you can answer these questions, which I'm sure affect a significant number of your current backers: 1. Do you still plan to use crowdfunding or with MS it won't be your method anymore? 2. Will you still make Linux games? 3. Will you continue releasing in DRM-free stores? 4. Will you have control of what kind of games you'll be making, or MS will decide that for you? Thanks, and I hope you can clarify the above.
  7. shmerl

    New forums

    Yep, thanks for fixing it!
  8. shmerl

    New forums

    OK, let's wait then and see what happens.
  9. shmerl

    New forums

  10. shmerl

    New forums

    How can new threads be created? I didn't find any way to do it.
  11. Kickstarter update also mentions something about signing the movie deal for We Happy Few: Sam Hi folks! This week, Guillaume and I flew to Los Angeles to finally sign the movie deal for We Happy Few. We announced this back in March, but the long form agreements often take months to iron out the little details, all the while work on finding a writer, financing etc continues. So finally signing is an exciting milestone for us as a team, and for G and I personally after working through some tricky licensing details. You should all be aware that there is a good chance that the movie will never see the light of day (many more projects are “optioned” than actually get made), but we are very proud of the team for creating something that people outside the industry think is cool. I totally missed that in your previous updates! Is that something you plan to crowdfund as well? I hope the film will be available DRM-free, if it will ever see the light of day
  12. shmerl

    Music from computer games

    Draw! (West of Loathing OST by Ryan Ike).
  13. shmerl

    Music from computer games

    The Wild White Yonder (from West of Loathing OST by Ryan Ike).
  14. shmerl

    Music from computer games

    From Noctropolis soundtrack - "Overture" by Ron Saltmarsh: