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  1. Hey everyone, I found a few bugs involving the Multi-Tool. Pretty serious stuff, since it's required to beat the game! It's very small, and easy to miss. But bug-wise, it has clipping issues with the environment. In one playthrough, the multi-tool was found partially-clipped into the workbench in the locked up store. I could see it, but couldn't pick it up. Also, I had to make space in my inventory and dropped it, along with some other things, on the ground. I was on the second floor of a Welly house, and when I went to pick my items back up, the multi-tool was gone. I thought it might have clipped through the floor, and it did; it was found on the first floor, so it must have phased through the 2nd floor....floor. (FYI, I dropped a 1st Aid Kit on top of it, along with some other stuff, not sure if that had anything to do with it.) Also, upon saving and reloading, I saw the following sights: -A bobby floating in the sky in the model-rig base position in the Garden District -Bobby corpses that had previously been left from a prior playthrough with limbs that stretched out into infinity. They looked like spaghetti noodles. Hope this helps!
  2. Also, almost forgot; The take-down prompt is exremely finnicky! there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to how far away but still behind a Wellie you need to be for the prompt to come up. It seems like position should matter more than distance behind.
  3. Back again after some time with the updated pre-alpha. The garden district looks GREAT now! And the suits that help you blend in are pretty good. A few things: - I found a visual bug. If you are crashing on Joy and take more joy, your vision can remain affected. (see screenshot) -Speaking of, I don't see the point in the psychotropic syringe. Using it no matter what your joy level is always makes you crash. Why not get high and then crash afterward, instead of crashing without getting high? -Ragdolls are still funky has heck. I kinda like it, but y'know.
  4. To piggyback on this, I think there are a few interactions with the Wellies that would add a layer of depth to the game. Right now the interaction is limited to greeting Wellies on the street. (pre-alpha, I know, but I'm just throwing things out there!) Other interactions the player might need to respond to: -Coming inside for a cuppa. (Wellies invite you inside and give you some tea. If you don't drink it they get angry) -Sharing a long story about the time they beat a Downer (you have to stay and listen to them for a bit, and laugh at the appropriate moment, otherwise they get angry) -Talking about the latest episode of Laugh with Uncle Jack (the player has to give a response that indicates that they watched it, otherwise they get angry. (example, the player cites their favorite part, but it's not something that was actually in the show)) -Impromptu bouts of patty-cake, Tag, and Ring Round the Rosy. -Friendly gift exchange! A Wellie presents a gift to you; you must give them something back in return. Make it good! Nobody likes a crummy gift. -The Admirer! Why, someone has fallen in love with you! They'll follow you around for a bit, so don't do anything suspicious in the meantime.
  5. Hey all, After a long and tedious upgrade process, I finally got some hands-on time with WHF. I really like it so far! My feedback - I think it's odd that you always start off in a Wastrel district. See, you can't 'defuse the situation' with a Wastrel. In fact, I didn't even know you could tell Wellies that it's a lovely day for it to ease their suspicions until I saw someone else on YouTube do it. Maybe there should be a way of teaching this early-game? If players aren't aware, they'll think they have to sneak around and not be seen all the time! CHANGE THE SOUND ON ALARMS! The really loud, jolting electronic sound makes me jump in shock every time! The first time I heard it I nearly jumped out of my seat! In a game where you have to be listening to what people are saying about you, this could really hurt headphone users. It seems like you have to get too close to rubble piles to actually investigate them. (in some cases it's like you need to be right on top of them!) That's all for now! I managed to "beat" the pre-alpha, and I think I just got lucky, because it seems like it would be a pretty hard feat to do normally!
  6. Here's what it looks like in an area that doesn't have any foliage. http://i.imgur.com/np1pJy8.png
  7. Thanks Guillaume! I bought my computer pre-packaged a few years ago, so it might be time for an upgrade anyway. I play games like TF2 and the like and don't have any problems, but this IS a new game. (so new it's not even out yet!) I input all the commands you suggested. It definitely made a difference. It looks like foliage is still giving me problems, though. Here's a screenshot of the STAT UNIT. http://i.imgur.com/7NYKfQo.png I'm going to play around with it some more and see if it's more playable today. (I don't need beautiful graphics yet, I just want to play the game!) If it turns out I need a new graphics card then I'll upgrade.
  8. Thanks, Sam! Here are my specs. Processor Intel® Core i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz Manufacturer Intel Speed 3.1 GHz Number of Cores 4 Video Card NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 Manufacturer NVIDIA Chipset GeForce GT 520 Dedicated Memory 1.0 GB Total Memory 4.0 GB Memory 8.2 GB Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit Service Pack 1 Size 64 Bit Edition Home Premium Display Maximum Resolution 1920 x 1080 I can run the game REASONABLY well in windowed mode at the lowest resolution, with quality on low, but when Wellites show up and I try to get into combat things get pretty laggy.
  9. Hello all, From what I've seen in the pre-alpha it looks like it's way evolved from the PAX build, but with my computer I can't really get good FPS, even running windowed mode and at the lowest resolution. Could it be because the plant life is all drawing shadows? I fought a Wellite in a patch of grass and the game lagged so hard the Wellite couldn't hit me even as I was standing still. Is there anything else I can crank down to try to get a less laggy experience?
  10. I'm kind of turned-off by anything that offers in-game upgrades that can only be gotten by backing, especially if their equivalents can't be found in the game normally, and ESPECIALLY especially if there's any multi-player components.
  11. @sam What if there was a Pub that could appear, and a sandwichboard outside that had randomly-generated lunch or drink specials? The kind with cutesy names like "Paul's Cod Platter" or "Crazy Aunt Sally." Give people the opportunity to name the specials?
  12. Just a few ideas for rewards: - digital/physical copies of the OST - Posters (Wellites, Wellington, Uncle Jack) - Original artwork used in production, signed by the artist - Designer "Joy" bottles used for keeping kitchen spices or candy. - Dear Uncle Jack : Backers name will be put in the game as the author of a letter sent to and read aloud by Uncle Jack during an advice-column style radio show. - Jack Will Fix It : Backers will get to write and send letters to Uncle Jack regarding a problem they have in Wellington Welles, and Uncle Jack will Fix It. - Uncle Jack's Gallery : Backers will be able to send artwork and poetry to Uncle Jack for showcase and critique on his sophisticated art program. - Uncle Jack and the Jack-o-lytes : Backers will be sworn in as honorary Jack-o-lytes on Uncle Jack's hit children's edutainment hour designed to teach basic manners, hygiene, and the importance of Joy consumption. A puppet, "Downer," will be engineered in your likeness and filmed for a series of educational shorts in the style of Goofus and Gallant, titled "Dandy and Downer." - Work with Compulsion to create a unique Wellite or Wellette.
  13. I had a great time at your booth, and I can't wait to start playing in the closed beta! I'm embarrassed to say, I was kind of more focused on trying to find the key than really trying to survive as long as I can, so I made a lot of sloppy mistakes and played pretty poorly!
  14. This reminds me a bit of a game called "Bloody Good Time," where the object of the game was to kill one of the other players, while avoiding the player who was trying to kill you, but you didn't know who that was, and would be punished for killing the player who wasn't your "assassin." I would like to see a multi-player element emerge from We Happy Few. Maybe Downers vs Wellies, where Wellies have to subdue and force Joy into all the Downers before a set of specific tasks were completed. Wellies have to always keep their joy up otherwise they lose, maybe.
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