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  1. Just a bump to remind everyone about the wiki. We have an updated main page and we've been working on adding info for all the latest and greatest additions to the game. We welcome anyone who would like to contribute. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, let me know here or on my talk page!
  2. @Mechgenius7532 I'm assuming you're using Safari? Can you try another browser? Also you can try clearing your cookies. There should be a checkbox after the real name field that you'll need to check. I see it when using Safari on my iPad, but I can't quite duplicate being on a Mac.
  3. @Naila I wasn't too worried. I know you guys are busting your buns over there and we appreciate it!
  4. @Mechgenius7532 Try it now. I had to make some formatting updates and you shouldn't have that issue anymore. @Otherbuttons There's nothing too nailed down at this point, but I've gone ahead and made a boilerplate template for items that you can use. When you create a new page, at the top right of the article, you'll see a dropdown that says Items (it's the only one currently set up). Click one of the buttons to the right of the dropdown and it'll insert the boilerplate into the editor. Add the pertinent information and delete the unnecessary/unused sections and comment lines. The boilerplate can always be updated as time goes on and we get more information. I wouldn't worry too much about formatting. If you have information, get it in there. We can always go back and clean it up/make it pretty. If anyone wants to contribute and isn't too familiar with wikis or what to do, we have a nice help wiki with lots of information: http://help.gamepedia.com/ It's also linked on the We Happy Few Wiki on the left sidebar under GAMEPEDIA. On a side note, I'm hoping to get a dump of icons to use on the wiki, but for now we'll have to use screenshots.
  5. A big congratulations to the Compulsion Games team on a successful Kickstarter! All but one of the stretch goals were unlocked as well! I'm still hoping we can get the last one once the Paypal backing gets set up. I really want to play as a Wellie! A big thank you to all the community to helped get the word out as well.
  6. @MISFIT They just announced the other day that the final game will be available on Mac and Linux. See this thread for all the details: http://compulsiongames.com/forum/discussion/512/we-are-bringing-whf-to-mac-and-linux
  7. Congratulations on hitting your goal this morning! Stretch goals here we come!
  8. What about naming one of the storefronts? Since the game will be procedurally generated, there should be lots of opportunity to rotate through names. Or using a backer's likeness in one of the ads around town?
  9. Hey guys! I'm the wiki manager over at the wiki on Gamepedia. If anyone has questions or needs assistance, just let me know! You can post or message me here or leave a message on my talk page.
  10. I'm afraid my fabrication skills aren't that advanced yet, so I'd be commissioning it.
  11. Love it! I'm thinking about doing one for DragonCon this year. I love my Star Wars Biker Scout, but August in Georgia is crazy hot and I could use a change for a day. I'm going to try the mask route as I'm not good with makeup.
  12. I don't have much input on the way of exact rewards, though I'm always a sucker for goodies like soundtracks, art and physical items (especially figures!), but I do have a request on how the backer rewards are done. There have been so many Kickstarters I'd love to have thrown more money at had they had worthwhile rewards, or any rewards for that matter, a few steps higher than what I was at. For example, a recent game I backed, I pledged at $25 because there was worthwhile between that and $100. I would have gladly gone to $50 or $60 just for some cool cosmetic or non-tangible additions. My other suggestion is to allow for add-ons. Say you want that art book, but don't want to pledge the $150 tier for it, allow it as an add-on.
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