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  1. Hey, me again-- What LawrencevanRijn suggests sounds like the ideal for a modern-setting RPG but it's not very specific to WHF. The point of the game appears to be infiltration of society, not being an empowered member of it. The point is that you are the scared outsider in a strange land of strange people who may or may not hurt you. Think "Grand Theft Auto" but more british bizarre-ness. I agree with many of Asrisen's ideas, low key antagonists are good and less guns the better. Overdosing on Joy pills and becoming permanently happy should be one way a player-character can "die," and that would be interesting if there were multiple ways of dying. Another way could be staring for too long at the TV and succumbing to the subliminal messages. Both ways help the player blend in, but it would cost them their frown so to speak. In an interview one of the developers said they were trying to make WHF like "Don't Starve," and having played that game for a while, I'm encouraged but also worried. Don't Starve is a great game, it's just that there is little in-game continuity between each life and subsequent death. Yes, The player gets smarter and might unlock new characters or find new things but all the loot is lost. Making a Science Machine or Wood Armor for the first time was interesting, not so much on the 50th try. Hopefully we can "Lock In" specific configurations of Wellington Welles so that way we can find our stuff again... and then maybe share that configuration with other players? Another worry I have is that the combo system appears to be a bit too simple. Hit a person carrying a weapon, they drop the weapon. Hit a person without a weapon, they fall on the ground. Hit a person on the ground, they get knocked out. I hope we can customize our attacks, so that we can stun instead of disarm... Or kick a person who's been floored so that way they call for help and lure others in. What WHF is starting to look more like is a non-linear version of the Condemned game series (almost everyone's crazy, anything can be a weapon) but with the forensics swapped out for social-stealth. Thus I'm hoping we can go find a museum of british antiquities. Chances are such a place would be boarded up and guarded. But for someone daring or stupid enough, the rewards would be great... like armor or swords. But those things would draw a lot of attention. So, just like life, there's upsides and downsides to everything.
  2. I haven't seen anything about WHF beside the trailer before writing this discussion. Anyways, here's some ideas: Britain Nuked Ireland: the 1970's were the time of The Troubles so perhaps the leaders of this forcibly care-free british society thought: "Why bother subjugating Ireland when we can ask our American allies for nuclear bombs. They'll be happy to supply us if we say the irish are in league with the soviets!" of course those leaders never thought about nuclear fallout which has spread across the isles. So it's not the usual crappy British weather, it's nuclear winter! The Happy Throng... and more? The mob in the trailer appear to be Smart Zombies. They move around aimlessly until they detect a target, which they will then pursue with terrifying determination. They are smart enough to wield melee weapons and corner prey. But they are still zombies, which are all identical. I'm hoping for some super tough enemies that are pastiches of various 70's characters. working for Uncle Jack would make great antagonists. Functionally they could wield all kinds of non-improvised gear such as bullet proof umbrella spears or x-ray sunglasses. Thematically, they would be the celebrity-enforcers of twisted society, their arrival heralded by any number of unsettling ways: the roar of their muscle-car as it pulls up. The TV announcing "And now, another exciting episode of The [inspector/Intriguer/Defender]..." which cuts to live footage of the player character interspliced with the "Good Guy". Even The Happy Throng would join in by cheering on their hero as he passes by. I'm also hoping for some cowardly and weak enemies as well. The game-world takes place within a retro surveillance state, which raises questions: "Who fixes the hidden cameras and microphones when they break? Who checks the wiring to make sure the TV feed is coming through?". The answer assumably would be Uncle Jack's Technicians. It would be malicious fun to break some stuff, wait in hiding for the Technicians to come and fix things, then jump out, beat them up, and steal their tech. I have a few more Ideas that I'll post in the comments of this discussion thread.
  3. Personally I'm hoping for an open world survival game with some scripted elements... But that's just me
  4. Hello, I saw the trailer for We Happy Few and saw that there wasn't a lot in the forums section so I thought I'd join in.

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