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  1. You did a wonderful job! Congratulations @Otherbuttons
  2. @Otherbuttons Yeah, this is absolutely a great thing! I agree, let there be more fanart, cosplayers, and so on! Contrast is a game really deserving of that kind of thing.
  3. Dystopias always grab my attention even if only for a minute, but when Jack was talking about how people were happy laughing and taking their joy it reminded me of A Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (which is a top 10 fav book of mine) I immediately fell in love. On top of that the style of it is just so beautiful.
  4. Oh I cannot wait for this to happen! I'll spread the word around various online hang outs because I know a lot of people are interested in the game, so I'll get on that. It's great to be able to see some more gameplay! [it's been so long since I've been on the forums and I come back to great news of a stream!] If mods are needed I'd be happy to volunteer. (VoidDingo on Twitch)
  5. @Naila Like other Mario games.. if you play on multiplayer be prepared to strain your friendships if you get Super Mario 3D World. I cannot count the times my friends have tried to throw me off the level or I've purposely left them behind. It is an amazing game though! I recently bought This War of Mine and it is an addicting game and also FINALLY started Contrast. I've been waiting to get all of my recording stuff in the mail before I started playing Contrast.. but now it's all here.
  6. I'm always up for a group. And even if there isn't one, anyone feel free to add me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/voiddingo
  7. @Otherbuttons Your collection looks great! And I LOVE all the Coraline going on there (one of my 3 favorite movies and books) I move a lot so I try not to collect too much, that and I have an iguana that climbs a lot.. on everything.
  8. Aha well waffles are MUCH better at holding syrup and not absorbing it into its soft, flat body (looking at you pancakes...)
  9. @Zotaku87 thank you so much for introducing me to Ori and the Blind Forest. Did a little reading and it looks like it's going to be worthwhile. Any games you all want to play but haven't been able to?
  10. J Dick how are you liking the Wolf Among Us so far? Also @Zotaku87, I actually am waiting until next month to play Contrast so my friend can join me, but I'm looking forward to it! (your FF marathon looks like it's coming along pretty well congrats on making it through grinding)
  11. Uhh currently: 3DS Majora Mask, Portal 2, The Evil Within, annnnd Element4l @Def Among the Sleep is such an enjoyable game and if you get the chance play it!
  12. Pancakes are great, but waffles are prettttty awesome
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