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  1. Sounds fun, hopefully the game has good ragdoll physics.Will there be cars added? If so add throw bodies into the trunk/boot. I was thinking a multipayer element might be fun, more specifically asynchronous multiplayer.Kind of a mash-up of Evolve and the hacking games in Watchdogs, one person would play the role of the downer and a group of people could try to hunt that person down who would try to act "normal" and blend in with the AI while given simple missions to do but would be a tell for the other players if seen doing them. I don't know if I explained that very well just thought it could be fun.
  2. As this is so early in development and VR apparently launching late 2015 to mid 2016 (depending on the device), We Happy Few might well launch after these have seen consumer releases so I thought it would be a good idea to ask what people think of VR support for the game (assuming it is as the trailer implies first person) and if the devs have have considered the tech.I realize this is VERY early days but I thought it would be interesting to put it out there. Would you like to see Wellington Wells in VR? I would but I know VR has its detractors too.
  3. Also if there is a specific car in the game you want doing (as long as I have it) just let me know. And I think the first tag is "sci-fi" (obviously, am I right getting an Orwellian vibe from the trailer? Wellington Wells?) and the second is "realistic"
  4. Thanks guys, I have improved them now (the 60's ones anyway): Please feel free to use the pictures anyway you see fit and to find them on FH2 just search "we happy few" or the gamertag SillyTwiggy, thanks to everyone at Compulsion and can't wait for more news.
  5. This looks so awesome, can't wait for this.So hyped for this I made some liveries on Forza Horizon 2.Made sure I got a couple of 60' cars in there too, good luck guys.Hope to hear more soom. http://www.forzamotorsport.net/Handlers/GetPhoto.ashx?game=fh2&id=3331315&full=true
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