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  1. AgentSmith

    Pre-Alpha code request

    Ok, thank you!
  2. AgentSmith

    Pre-Alpha code request

    Hi! I would like to request a pc code, please, so I can do a review on my blog (https://portaltotheunknownblog.wordpress.com)
  3. AgentSmith

    Laptop user question

    My laptop is an HP DV6-6135dx, with Dual Graphics (6620G and 6750M AMD) and quad-core processing (A8-3500M). Would I be able to run it?
  4. AgentSmith

    Kickstarter payment

    I would love to back this game using paypal, as it's much easier for me.
  5. AgentSmith

    wow.... just wow

    Same here! You guys have made something AWESOME.
  6. AgentSmith

    What Caught Your Eye?

    The visuals; i love the cartoonish style, which fits perfectly with the dark tone of the game. Also, the humor displayed in the trailer is SUPERB, and as a fan of dark humor, i want more!
  7. AgentSmith

    Pre-alpha request

    Hi! Finances are low right now, and i have no credit card, so i would like to have a key, please. The game looks amazing, and i want to explore wellington wells!
  8. AgentSmith

    Distribution of WHF

    Maybe a physical version of the game can be made like a "welcome package" for new visitors in wellington wells! It can have a brochure, hints at the drug issue ("Remember, Joy is all we need") and stuff like that.