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  1. Hi! I would like to request a pc code, please, so I can do a review on my blog (https://portaltotheunknownblog.wordpress.com)
  2. My laptop is an HP DV6-6135dx, with Dual Graphics (6620G and 6750M AMD) and quad-core processing (A8-3500M). Would I be able to run it?
  3. I would love to back this game using paypal, as it's much easier for me.
  4. Same here! You guys have made something AWESOME.
  5. The visuals; i love the cartoonish style, which fits perfectly with the dark tone of the game. Also, the humor displayed in the trailer is SUPERB, and as a fan of dark humor, i want more!
  6. Hi! Finances are low right now, and i have no credit card, so i would like to have a key, please. The game looks amazing, and i want to explore wellington wells!
  7. Maybe a physical version of the game can be made like a "welcome package" for new visitors in wellington wells! It can have a brochure, hints at the drug issue ("Remember, Joy is all we need") and stuff like that.
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