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  1. @Pandora_Layn, not bad. I checked out the full article, too. Nicely put! We also had some thoughts on the trailer as well, and how it could pertain to social media conformity. Like, how they take a joy pill and how the announcer emphasized sunshine through the rain. So society is trying to flush out all negativity. In that people feel a lot of pressure to outwardly project a version of their lives that emphasizes the positive in such an extreme to make it seem as if negative aspects of their lives don't exist at all (like on Facebook) And the masks represent a false construction of identity. I'm kind of cutting/pasting from my Instagram here. There's definitely a lot of moving parts to consider. spsc_Jonathon
  2. Hi! I'm new, but I'm a big fan of Compulsion Games. I do social media management for work and game critique for fun! Game discussion is awesome and I'm happy to be on the forums here.

  3. I definitely agree with the philosophy of showing a game very early on, giving yourself time to just absorb the feedback. Diablo III crashed and burned because people were only allowed to test up till the first mini boss and it turned out horrible for a really, really long time. I'm not going to PAX East, but I'm keeping my ear to the stone for news! spsc_Jonathon
  4. Until I saw the trailer I was thinking that the populace with the "masks" wouldn't speak. Knowing it's face paint answers one question and brings up so many more. I'm definitely looking forward to this. Also, I hope I can do what I did with Contrast and play through in both French and English. spsc_Jonathon
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