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  1. So happy to see We Happy Few at E3!!!

  2. It's been alluded to by those who were able to play the build at PAX that "something terrible has happened" and this is the reason that the Wellies have to take Joy. I don't know if anyone is familiar with the short story "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas" by Ursula K. Le Guin, but I cannot stop thinking about this lately and feel that it is connected somehow to the We Happy Few plot. Maybe it's the lack of children in the trailer coupled with the creepy fountain where a man, woman and child hold hands and spin in eternal glee. Maybe it's trying to think about something so tragic that would make an entire city (nation? world?) have to take 'happy pills' to forget and move on. For me this would have to be something involving children. Wikipedia says "Omelas, a utopian city whose prosperity and success depend on the perpetual misery of a single child, kept locked beneath it in squalor and torture" ... though, maybe for Wellington Wells, it's not the sacrifice of a single child but all children. A deal brokered by Uncle Jack? Political figures? The extreme loss felt by those adults directly affected would explain their violent reactions to any "downers" or those who are otherwise unappreciative of the sacrifice made by/of their children. What do you think?
  3. With popularity of the site growing, I think it would help to have a set of We Happy Few threads on the main forum page to compliment Contrast's threads. Especially with a FAQ since I see you guys are getting a lot of repeat questions. I know you're busy though - just a friendly suggestion
  4. @Sam That's so crazy. The pictures from PAX are really stirring up some thoughts for me as well as someone's brave suggestion of a multiplayer. I'm still playing through Contrast again but I'm feeling more and more like it was just a step for the Compulsion Team, where as We Happy Few is starting to feel like a marathon. Tons of talk about how it reminds people of BioShock (one of my first responses) and Fallout to Don't Starve and even Enter The Void (movie). I'm so excited for where this is going and really hope to be apart of the discussion going forward. Also... Kickstarter!! Do you guys have plans to visit any other conferences coming up this year?
  5. @DrBeardface Wow what an intriguing idea, kind of like Assassin's Creed and how you can blend in to hide/assassinate. I never even thought of the game being Multiplayer but now that you bring it up I think it would really work to the games benefit. There's already two clearly defined sides and from that I can imagine a few different multiplayer game types: Destroy the Others, Don't Get Caught, Hack the System/Turn the Village... Personally, I love games where I have to find things so I would even enjoy a lighter action/darker themed Scavenger Hunt for multi.
  6. Having myself some chocolate chip waffles right now. I can't drink water right after waking up but lord knows I can have me some chocolate!
  7. @Sam I had one once. It was good but pretty seedy, like strawberries. I have ONE friend from NZ (GO ALL BLACKS!)
  8. IM SO EXCITED! YAY!! And so jealous of everyone who got to play! Bastards, with their means of travel!!
  9. Seeing lots of great pictures from PAX East and new perspectives of the game! Love that bobby sign, so... terrifying!!!
  10. My active games right now are Plants Vs Zombies, Rogue Legacy (both Vita) and Contrast (PS4).
  11. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.... Eat spiders!? Like, by choice?! WTF!!? Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. NEIN
  12. Contrast will be one of 50 games available when the NVIDIA Shield hits stores in May!
  13. I just reread the article and noticed (among some typos..grrrr) that I hadn't thrown in a link to Compulsion! So I just wanted to let you guys know that I've fixed that
  14. @Naila Are you guys going to be at PAX for all three days? Are you planning on using a specific Twitter hashtag for updates?
  15. I hope these worked: This is Sophia, aka Soap, aka Chomps, aka R.J. Eimsteim. She is a rare specimen from the Korcari Wilds and one of the wisest dupes (or Pug, if you prefer) that you will ever meet.
  16. @Guillaume I'm just so excited! I hope the time flies by until release! Mostly I'm excited for you guys. Judging by the popularity that Contrast had, this one is sure to knock it out of the park. Our household has already had numerous conversations where images from the trailer are used to example societal and moral theories. I really do hope you guys are ready for how popular this is going to be. I wish I could go to PAX and hear all the buzz about your creative, hardworking team!
  17. @Naila You guys are so welcome! I knew from the moment I watched the trailer for the *first* time that I had to go back through and check out all of the details. I fell in love with Contrast's story and art work last year, so when I saw that first teaser for a new project I was ecstatic. Now I'm going to go back and play Contrast again taking note of the game's features and gameplay so that I can highlight successful areas and also where the game could've been stronger - in hopes, of course, that I will be granted glorious access to the alpha and use those notes in comparison.
  18. I would just like to add that this post and it's links follow the "Terms of Use". There are no adds on our site that we get paid for, nor clicks or video plays. Any links that I post on a Compulsion Games forum will be in relation to them, their games, or videogames/art in general.
  19. Finished and posted my frame by frame analysis of the We Happy Few trailer on Frame Ratings. Please check it out and let me know if you saw something I missed!

  20. My entire article can be read at FrameRatings. There are pictures too!! "The first thing we see in the trailer is a broadcasting test pattern from Wellington Wells Broadcasting Corporation. It resembles the Indian head test that was widely used up until the 1970’s. At the top of the tower there are two eye shapes, over lapping horizontally and vertically which makes me think of a surveillance state where everyone is being watched all the time. At the bottom of the screen is a profile of a woman, encircled with a crown on top. Knowing that the game is set in “an alternative 1960s England” I would be that this is meant to be the young Queen Elizabeth II, or another royal figure that will be introduced in the game. The image cuts to a morning broadcast of WWBC’s NEWS HOUR with Uncle Jack where makes a brief statement on the weather and introduces the viewer to the village of Wellington Wells and it’s inhabitants. The picture cuts to a street scene with characters wearing iconic 60’s era clothing walking in front of a shop called Oliver’s Office where what looks like liquor is sold. There are lots of flowering plants out side and the shot looks very upbeat and colorful. On the upper right hand of the screen is a sign for Wellington Underground which makes me wonder if there will be a subway system accessible during the game. Another thing I notice right away are the lights on the sidewalk, one side is blue while the other is pink." If you like where I'm going with this, feel free to check us out at FrameRatings where we talk about all sorts of media, not just games. Finally, I am so excited for this game (shouting it from the rooftops!) and will be going back to Contrast for a play-through to find strengths and weaknesses in Compulsions development of it.
  21. Right now I'm working on breaking the "We Happy Few" trailer down in detail for a better understanding of where the game is headed, appreciation of the visual design and to find lovely little things. I will be posting my 'findings' at Frame Ratings.

  22. @guillaume I think this is a fundamental shift in the way games are made and will ultimately lead to longer lasting and deeper engagement with the consumer after initial release. Brilliant.
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